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Loch Modan is named after the giant lake in the middle of the region,known as The Loch.This wonderfull region only came to be due to the genius of the Dwarfs,and The Stonewrought Dam.Unfortunatly for them,their recent digging has caused troggs to rise and populate the surface of the region.Othe hostile cretures a young traveler should look out for
The map of Loch Modan
The map of Loch Modan
 are kobolds and ogres.Loch Modan is a part of Khaz Modan.


Algaz Station 

A dwarven outpost in Loch Modan where many dwarven mountaineers are stationed. It is located just east of the North Gate Pass, and south of Dun Algaz, from which it takes its name. Mountaineer Stormpike can be found here, as well as an armorer named Gothor Brumn.

Dun Algaz

Dun Algaz is the tunneled mountain pass area between Loch Modan and the Wetlands.

The Farstrider Lodge

A hunters' lodge located in southeastern Loch Modan. It houses several merchants and quest givers, as well as a hunter trainer and a pet trainer. Judging by its architecture, it is of high elven make, although there is only one high elf residing there now — its other inhabitants being humans and dwarves.Farstrider Lodge lies within Loch Modan’s eastern hills. Marek Ironheart, a grizzled Ironforge dwarf, manages this hunting enclave.The elf, Vyrin Swiftwind, is one of the Farstriders, a group of high elf rangers sworn to defend Quel'Thalas far beyond the borders of the realm.

Grizzlepaw Ridge

Grizzlepaw Ridge is a mountainous area located south of Thelsamar and east of Stonesplinter Valley in the dwarven territory of Loch Modan. It is inhabited by a large pack of bears, and most notably, the ferocious Ol' Sooty, who occasionally wanders down from his lair to the base of the valley, pouncing upon anyone unfortunate to irritate him.

Ironband's Excavation Site 

Located in southeastern Loch Modan, south of the Loch and southwest of the Farstrider Lodge. It is an extensive dwarven digsite, but exactly like the others in the Wetlands, Darkshore, the Badlands, and Uldaman, this dig site has been invaded by hostile creatures, displacing the prospectors and miners. In the case ofProspector Ironband's site, the culprits are troggs of a particularly large and volatile breed.It was once known as Stormpike's Excavation Site, and run by Prospector Stormpike. Prospector Stormpike founded this dig site in southeastern Loch Modan. Troggs drove away Stormpike and his crew and occupied the site.After Stormpike returned to Ironforge, Prospector Ironband took over it took on its current name.

The Loch

The Loch is the single most prominent feature of the dwarven territory of Loch Modan. It is the largest body of water on the continent of Khaz Modan, and third in size in the entire known world after the Lordamere and the Darrowmere. Fed by an underground source, the loch was originally much smaller, but more than doubled its size after the dwarves of Khaz Modan built the Stonewrought Dam at the loch's northern end. Three islands and three islets dot the loch's waters, and remnants of the second war can still be found scattered about the bottom.

Mo'grosh Stronghold

A set of ogre-infested caves located in northeastern Loch Modan. The ogres number several shamans, enforcers, and brutes, ranging from level 18-20. Adventurers come here seeking to eradicate these dangerous enemies of the kingdom, and the most ambitious even attempt to claim the head of the ogres' leader, Chok'sul.

North Gate Pass

Connects Dun Morogh in the high mountains to the west with Loch Modan in the lower mountains to the east. It is frequently traveled by adventurers coming from or going to the Wetlands, as this pass is the closest to the descent from the Loch. North Gate Pass is also the location of the guard station of North Gate Outpost.

Silver Stream Mine

Located in the northern part of Loch Modan, east of Algaz Station and southwest of the Stonewrought Dam. Although it traditionally has been a bountiful source of silver for the dwarves of Ironforge, it has recently been completely taken over by aggressive kobolds who seek the mine's resources for themselves.

South Gate Pass

Connects Dun Morogh in the high mountains to the west with Loch Modan in the lower mountains to the east. It is frequently traveled by adventurers coming from or going to Thelsamar, as this pass is the closest to the dwarven outpost. South Gate Pass is also the location of the guard station of South Gate Outpost.

Stonesplinter Valley

A valley carved among the mountains in southwestern Loch Modan. While once a pristine setting, the valley is now crawling with hostile troggs. Adventurers wishing to befriend the local dwarves will find plenty of work hunting the foul humanoids, and the most ambitious heroes strike deep into the heart of the valley in attempts to rid the region of the trogg leader, Grawmug. 

Stonewrought Dam

The massive Stonewrought Dam was built by the dwarves of Ironforge and is one of the most impressive wonders of the world. The construction dams up Loch Modan, more than doubling its original size. The dam also creates the flooded plains of the Wetlands, which previously were mostly underwater. Recently the dam has come under attack by the dwarves of the Dark Iron Clan and the dwarves of Ironforge have been forced to increase security at the dam.
East of Algaz Gate, along Loch Modan’s northern shore, is Stonewrought Dam. This massive piece of dwarven architecture traps the snowmelt from Ironforge Mountain, creating the lake. Chief Engineer Hinderweir VII oversees the dam. Few know it, but Stonewrought Dam is the work of a Dark Iron dwarf. Franclorn Forgewright was a master architect before the War of the Three Hammers and the name “Stonewrought” refers to his works.

Stoutlager Inn

Features a few quest givers and several vendors, among them an innkeeper with the usual services. The inn is a popular place to spend some quality time with one's guildmates, drinking and chatting. It is one of the most popular places to go in Loch Modan.


Thelsamar is a dwarven town on the west side of Loch Modan, located north of Grizzlepaw Ridge and northeast of Stonesplinter Valley. The town has a Gryphon roost, an inn, and several vendors and profession trainers. A north-south road runs just west of town, leading to the passes into Dun Morogh and the Wetlands.

Valley of Kings

The Valley of Kings is located in the southwestern corner of the dwarven territory of Loch Modan, just west ofStonesplinter Valley. When going to or from Dun Morogh by the South Gate Pass, adventurers pass through a piece of this verdant valley, which also is an important throughway to the dangerous region known as the Searing Gorge. The gate to the gorge remains under lock and guard, and adventurers have to prove their power to Mountaineer Pebblebitty before she will grant them full access through the gate.
The main feature of this area is the two large statues of Dwarven kings Madoran Bronzebeard and Khardros Wildhammer. After the deaths of Madoran and Khardros, their sons jointly commissioned two great statues in honor of their fathers. The two statues would stand guard over the pass into the southlands, which had become volcanic in the wake of Ragnaros' scorching presence. They served as both a warning to all who would attack the dwarven kingdoms, and as a reminder of what price the Dark Irons paid for their crimes


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