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Madden 07 for the Wii is Awesome 0

Madden NFL 07 is the latest version of the long running Madden franchise from developer Electronic Arts. The past few years Madden has started to become stale. In my mind though, this version has revitalized the franchise with amazing gameplay.The gameplay in Madden NFL 07 for the Wii is extremely intuitive. If you are still having trouble, it has a great tutorial mode that teaches you everything. You actually throw in this game. It feels awesome. All you have to do is hold down the button of th...

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Europeans take on an old American Football game 0

Not since the days of the Sega Mega Drive have I touched a Madden game. I never understood the rules back then and I know them just as well today, but who needs rules when your having so much fun?Hearing the bone crunching tackle as you sack the opposing Quarter Back, then seeing them get up injured clutching their hand is a satisfaction for the blood thirsty gamer and I want more. I have to say when I do hit a pretty nasty looking tackle and there is no injury involved I feel a little sad insid...

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It is the same as the rest. 0

Madden NFL 07 is a fairly good game but some of the minigames can become a challenge for improving your franchise. With its grate graphics (for the xbox) it shows off the system. Franchise mode: This mode is probably where you are going to spend most of your time. With its in-depth game play and its tactical game play and its customizable aspects makes this mode almost perfect. The only bad part is the minigames. Some of them are fun but most are frustrating when you trying to upgrade your pla...

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