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    Magnussoft Deutschland GmbH

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    A German publisher of mid-range and low priced games.

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    Magnussoft is one of the largest software publishers in Germany. They mainly publish low-budget, so called casual games, for PC.

    Besides publishing, they offer a number of services for distributors, retailers, other publishers and corporate clients. Examples reach from creating custom made content, like CDs promoting a special retail product, especially branded for a company up to providing the goods carriers, equipped or unequipped, presenting the software in a retail store.

    A bit of history:

    Magnussoft distributes software and games under many different labels since 1997.

    They were among the first publishers in Germany that concentrate on casual games with well established principles with close co-operation with other acquainted distributors.

    The first games Barkanoid and Metris became so popular that they have been publishing many follow-ups.

    With the help of trusted partner companies they can uphold a credibly region wide delivery within Europe.

    According to their website their core business is constantly adjusted to match the current requirements of the consumer market. In 2011 they concentrate mainly on acquiring of new licenses, ESD-business and porting games to other platforms like Nintendo DS, Mac and Playstation.


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