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    Maiev Shadowsong

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    Maiev Shadowsong is a character that can be found in the Warcraft universe. She is the appointed jailor of Illidan Stormrage and has been hunting him ever since his release.

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     During the War of the Ancients, Maeiv was a young priestess of Elune. She fought against the Burning Legion, but stood helpless as they killed her friends and family.  
    When Tyrande Whisperwind was chosen to be the new High Priestess, Maiev resisted. However, when Tyrande dissapeared and the interim High Priestess (Marinda) was killed by an Eredar warlock, Maiev was elected as the new High Priestess of the Sisterhood of Elune. This made her meet her brother, Jarod Shadowsong, again.      
    Maiev then gave the High Priestess title back to Tyrande, despite not being especially glad to do so. Maiev then went out into battle in the War of the Ancients, but survived. This gave her, like the majority of the Night Elves, a strong hate towards the arcane powers. 
    A small pary of the survivors went to Mount Hyjal, and were shocked to see that the pristine lake on the summit had now been transformed into a new Well of Eternity by Illidan. The elves were angered deeply, and traveled to the lake to arrest and stop the traitor. Illidan, however, did not wish to be captured. He unleashed a lot of arcane, killing most in the party. Tyrande, Shandris Feathermoon and the wife of Dath'remar could capture Illidan and bring him to justice. 
    Illidan's brother, Malfurion, gave his brother the punishment of being stripped of all powers and locked in a cell for all eternity. Maiev was most impressed with Malfurion's actions, and offered herself to forever guard the Betrayer, something which Malfurion was both suprised and impressed by.  
    Maiev became the eternal warden of Illidan, and with her were her own sect of Night Elves - the Watchers. These were dedicated to guard Illidan, making sure that he did not escape. Maiev also served as a bounty hunter to hunt criminals, and for 10.000 years she trained constantly.  The demigod Cenarius also stationed Califax to guard Illidan.

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