I feel like I'm in the twilight zone

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I wouldn't say I'm a cynic but I can't find one person who doesn't praise this game.  I don't see it.  I mean, absolutely; this game had incredible polish, great voice acting.  That's where my list ends.  The conservation choices seem to have little to no impact on the overall story except for a few scenes.  Seeing people get excited about the choices is equivalent to when people get excited when they play barbie with their game characters.  The gameplay just seems like an insert between what I have already labelled as shallow character interactions.  I don't try to hate this game, I have beaten both games and tried to play ME2 with gameplus and I become lethargic over what I see as jumping through hoops.  Feels so good to complain on the internet.

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It happens sometimes. Opinions.

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ME1 sucks but come on, you've got to love the epicness of ME2

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Come play with us Kenobi, come play with us!

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I don't think the choices were meant to have an impact on the grand scale that you are hoping for. I seen them as more of an opportunity for me to be badass in space as the situations presented themselves, regardless of how big or small the consequences would be. 

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@wasteguru said:
Come play with us Kenobi, come play with us!
Forever and Ever and Ever!

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