Any more DLC soon?

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#1 Posted by tmontana1004 (371 posts) -

So, when is Bioware going to make more DLC? They said BDTS was the first of a few add-ons and I haven't heard any news. Maybe they will announce something on the anniversy because Bioware usually supports their games to the end.

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#2 Posted by Coltonio7 (3214 posts) -

Not much more probably...which is a shame, I really like the DLC they put out!

Better than the already in-game worlds =P

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#3 Posted by Ice_Cold_Rayman (227 posts) -

I doubt it. We've heard nary a whisper about anything in the past few months.

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#4 Posted by jangofett88 (367 posts) -

Probably not. And after going this long without another content pack, I'd rather they not make any more and just focus on Mass Effect 2.

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#5 Posted by keyhunter (3208 posts) -

Yeah man. Mass effect 2 is more important than some stupid content pack. Though, I did enjoy bring down the sky quite a bit. But yeah, after pretty much mastering Mass Effect with about 6 1/2 playthroughs for all the points, I can say I would like to see another Mass Effect, and sooner than later. That game showed so much sequel potential, now that they got their shit locked down they can actually do more than 6 excellent story missions, and an assload of rocky single textured planets with identical pre fab shelters which carry either Geth, Mercs, or Thorian Creepers. Something more like KOTOR, perhaps? That would be great.

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#6 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I would be extremely surprised if any more ME DLC came out...I think the main focus is around ME2, or at least I hope that's what they are focusing on at the moment.

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#7 Posted by ColMustard (411 posts) -

Part of me thinks that the merge with EA pretty much halted any chance of us getting any great DLC for this game period... 

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#8 Posted by Chummy8 (3556 posts) -
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#9 Posted by Jedted (2919 posts) -

Maybe there just waiting to make an anouncement about ME2 before taking about any DLC.  I wouldn't be surprised if they had a series of new mission packs that they're sitting on waiting to release.  Bioware's been very quiet regarding any Mass Effect related news so who knows what they're currently working on.

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#10 Posted by Babble (1276 posts) -

I highly doubt anything, they probably are well into other projects or Mass Effect 2.

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#11 Posted by msudude211 (12 posts) -

Probably not. They're probably working on ME2.

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#12 Posted by lightwarrior179 (413 posts) -

I think BioWare have gotten a little busy with Dragon Age Origins and Star Wars the Old Republic coming. Plus ME2 is already said to be in development so I doubt there's a DLC coming.

Even then I do hope another DLC (a more longer one,please) comes up before ME2 releases

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