Just bought the game from Steam -->

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--> and it is mad-stupid, in the best possible way. Just the first Round of the first Chapter (world 1-1, anyone?) is filled with the sheer unpredictably and confusion as seen on the Quick Look.

First Impression so far: totally worth the $5 bucks price tag. Heck, I would even be OK with as much as $20 (but then again, I recently bought both Crysis and GTA IV for the third time... each). Forecast: mad McPixel in the coming days. Players are strongly advised to stay indoors and avoid mosaic-like people wearing red shirts out of fear of severe property damages and hidden explosives (and a mothafukin' snake on a muthafackin' plane).

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Just got it downloaded, gonna check it out soon!

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They should close the comment section when a greenlit game gets released. The comments being posted now are worse than the comments by PewDiePie fanboys.

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It's on Steam now? Shit, gotta get that shit.

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