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By ignoring any and all logic, McPixel brings a clever brand of humor that you don't normally see in video games. 0

We live in a logical and orderly world where everything makes sense, and I'll be honest when I say that has helped humanity achieve great things, but every once in a while it's nice to branch out into the illogical and the insane just to remind us of how safe and dull our world really is. In most puzzle games, there are logical rules that come into play and strategies that require good thinking skills. McPixel, with it's complete disregard for logic and sanity, requires none of that. You may not...

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The dumbest time I ever had 0

As a 19 year old college honors student you would think that stuff like Regular Show, Adventure Time, and other dumb, over-the-top things like that wouldn't appeal. Think again. I love all those buck-wild forms of entertainment because they don't give a shit and go balls out to give you some funny and dumb outlet in a serious world. McPixel is no different.McPixel's Indie roots are evident upon you starting the game. The first thing you'll notice is the art design pulled from apple 2 and amiga ...

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What's This Do?: McPixel (Mac) Review 0

Before you can navigate the top menu in the blocky point n' click adventure game, McPixel, you're faced with a brief gameplay scenario. Your character, the titular McPixel, stands in a field awaiting your orders. In the center of the screen is a big red button with a giant arrow pointing to it that reads "Press to start." There is no way to continue in the game without giving in to the temptation of the button, so you click it, like so many Wile E. Coyotes who have come before. Instantly, a boul...

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