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MechZ9 is a futuristic sci-fi strategy game which incorporates flying and warfare gameplay styles.

Created by the Development Studio at LeJoGames Ltd, MechZ9 is set within the depths of the universe.

The game is set within the future (which the year is currently unknown) and all humans are extinct, with all that remains is the Mechz.

Mechz is a type of fictional character that represents the technology created by humans before they went extinct.

Mechz can either be the players or the bots.

The player is able to create and customize their Nation.

A Nation is a name and logo that a Mechapire marches under.

A Mechapire is short for an empire of Mechz which is basically everything the Nation owns.

After the player has customized and created their Nation, the universe is then at war.

During the creation of the Nation, the player is able to pick their framework and their side.

Finally, the game will begin and the player is now able to explore the galaxies, expand their empire, exploit their enemies and try and exterminate all other nations.

The ultimate goal and way to win the game is to be the last nation standing.

MechZ9 is currently in early stages of development, and the MechZ9 Team will update this page they have more information.

The Team hopes you will follow and support them and the Game along their journey.


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