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    Medal of Honor: Airborne

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Sep 04, 2007

    Take on the role of a paratrooper in the US 82nd Airborne Division during World War II. Fight to retake control of Europe during several key campaigns in Italy, Netherlands, France, and Germany.

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    MOH: Airborne breathes life back into the dying WWII franchise 1

    It's been quite a while since a decent Medal Of Honor game was released, hasn't it? Sure, people can have their opinions about the different games, but from a technical standpoint, none of the games were really that good. Probably the main problem would have to be that in almost every game you felt as if you were alone, fighting the entire war by yourself. It just doesn't make much sense to me. One man can't fight a war alone, and thankfully, Airborne doesn't follow in the footsteps of the other...

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    dogsounds reviews: Medal of Honor: Airborne 3

    So, it's that time again when EA release another instalment of the long-running Medal Of Honor franchise.Many gamers bemoan the dearth of WWII shooters; they say the genre is milked to exhaustion, and that everyone should just move on. Well, EA obviously don't think so, and I for one am glad. As I have written before, I quite like the genre, and you can guarantee I'll never tire of it. And, despite all the naysayers, people still buy the games. Perhaps what people are tired of is not WWII shoote...

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    Probably the most innovative MoH game in a while--too bad it doesn't last 0

    The idea of entering battles from the sky, especially in games, is relatively new. The 101st Airborne was, to my knowledge, the first group of soldiers to do so in WWII, and now, with MoH: Airborne, we have the opportunity to fight as they did, albeit with much less risk and reality. What follows is a very innovative mechanic that, sadly, doesn't save the game from being a middling experience.Airborne's most touted feature--gimmick, some would say--is the ability to enter a level from the sky, ...

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    Nice game overall - nice graphics and game play. 0

    This is the first game that actually wants you to die in order to give you a bonus. This is because the only way to collect all 5 landing bonuses of a level is to jump from the plane 5 times. And to jump 5 times means, that you have to day at least 4 times during a level (this is if you ALREADY know where exactly the landing bonus zones are located). Another option would be to hold a grenade during your initial jump and blow yourself to 5 pieces in the air, hoping that you will have at least one...

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    Medal of Honor Airborne: Loses the plot when supernatural enemies 0

    Airborne, the latest in the Medal of Honor World War 2 series, takes an attempt to do something new, parachuting into free open levels. This managed to be pulled off well enough to be enjoyable. The game has some shortcomings though, its length, graphics and unrealistic enemies.You play as the mute character Boyd Travers, who is a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne division. At the beginning of each level Travers sits in the briefing room, to get a brief overview of his objectives for his mission....

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    Yep, It's Medal of Honor 0

    I went into this iteration of EA's World War II shooter completely psyched for the new gameplay mechanic of jumping out of airplanes, adding to my normal level of enthusiasm for shooting me some Nazis. It seemed like it could be a fresh take on a really tired out setting. The problem is, it's really not. You'll immediately find that being able to choose your beginning location is usually nothing more than a gimmick, considering more often than not you'll need to start at points where the game "s...

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    Nothing special here.. But worth a rent.. I guess.. 0

    Yet another WW II game.. Again some Nazis need to be killed.. Hmm i dont know how many times i have done that.. But i guess this stuff is getting cold and its high time a WW II game releases where u play the Nazis or Hiltler himself.. Well u may wonder if m bugged playing WW II games then why the hell did i buy it.. Well i dint buy it.. Just borrowed it from my friend.. Anywayz bout the game.. As mentioned earlier u need to kill the nazis and ur in the Airborne division ant thus u need to jump o...

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    Medal of Honor Airborne (PC) 0

    Developed by EA, Medal of Honor Airborne is the 5 game in the series to come to the PC. Despite using the very good Unreal Engine 3 this game has “bad” written all over it, with only a handful of redeeming features. Like most of the other Medal of Honor games you once again take on the role of an American soldier. Fighting alongside your allies from the 82 Airborne you take part in various missions including the invasion of Normandy and Operation Market Garden. The first mission sets a benchmark...

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