I made a title card for Blue Bombin'

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I actually made this a little over a year ago and never posted it here, but with the return of Blue Bombin' today I figured now's as good a time as any.

So, without further ado, here it is.

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I also made a "pixelated" version, but I'm not quite as happy with it.

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Full res versions here: Smooth | Pixel

It even showed up on the pre-stream of the last episode before the feature's hiatus! Thanks to Giant Bomb Unarchived.

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That is sleek, classy, and really adds the final touch of polish to the Blue Bombin' series. Very skillfully done, sir.

Edit: I will say the cleaner one is better than the pixelated one. The differing angles make the jagged edges look a bit rough and inconsistent in the latter.

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I normally like pixelated stuff over smooth edges when it comes to retro artwork like this, but the smooth one looks very, very nice. It's crisp.

Great work!

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@brunothethird: @the_nubster: Thanks!

And yeah, I kind of had to fake the pixelization. Like I said, I'm not as happy with it; I'm not a pixel artist, though I wish I were.

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Dang that's slick.

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Don't be hard on yourself, they both look great.

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They look really good. Great job duder!

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The bomb as an apostrophe, is inspired.

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