Jetstream DLC Trailer released, releases on April 9th

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A Japanese trailer came out today for the Jetstream Sam DLC, which comes out tomorrow.

Really impressed with the quality in the trailer, the cutscenes actually match the quality of the ones in the main game and Sam seems to play quite differently from Raiden. He uses a taunt to provoke an enemy at one point in the trailer, seems to have a much more traditional dodge than the Offensive Defense move in the main game, and also has a double jump and air-dash move. On top of all of this his combos look pretty different from Raiden's. Super hyped for this, can't wait to play it tomorrow.

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I really like the look of the way he plays. I will be getting this for definite, but I'm a little disappointed that it looks like a bunch of reused areas. I'm way more curious about the Wolf DLC... more Rising is always welcome though.

Edit - Played through it earlier and found it to just be a collection of the same environments with a collection of enemies and bosses that were a little more aggressive (In the case of Wolf and Ray really annoying with the constant camera jerking.) than what you see in the main game. Really disappointed outside of the four or so new cutscenes. It was nice to get some more Armstrong craziness though.

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