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    Michelle Payne

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    Wife of Max Payne, killed by planted Valkyr Drug addicts. Her death starts the events of Max Payne and the series as a whole.

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    Early Life/Meeting Max

    Michelle Payne was born on May 12th 1964. She worked part time at the District attorney's office during the 1990s,little else is known about her early life.

    Max and Michelle met sometime in the mid 1990s. A pair of muggers assaulted Michelle in Hell's Kitchen and attempted to steal her bag but a young police officer saved Michelle by beating up the muggers. After teasing Max for a while Michelle agreed to go out on a date with Max. They began dating and the couple got married six months later. The two went in their honeymoon and nine months later in February 1998 their daughter Rose Payne was born.

    Working for the DA

    When Nicole Horne heard about the documents she decided to eliminate the Payne family. On August 22nd 1998 she sent three Valkyr test subjects to the Payne family home. Max returned home from wok to find the house a mess and heard the screams of his wife trapped in their bedroom. He rushed to help killing the three Valkyr subjects, but he was too late and found his wife and daughter shot dead.

    The deaths of his family is what spurs Max on to join the DEA and work undercover in the Punchinello crime family and then systematically kill all the key players in the Punchinello crime family and ultimately fight his way up the Aesir tower and kill Nicole Horne. their deaths also began Max's downward spiral into alcoholism and depression.

    Michelle and Rose were buried in Golgotha Cemetery. In 2012 Max goes to their grave one last time to pay his respects one last time before leaving for his new job in Sao Paulo after accepting Raul Passoss' job offer. On that same night Max had reminisced about his life with Michelle while he sat in Walton's bar this made up the events of the Max Payne 3 prequel comics.

    Michelle in Max's Nightmares

    Throughout his nightmares both in 2001 and 2003 Max hears Michelle's voice sobbing and screaming. Throughout the dreams he also founds her diaries explaining how she got the Valhalla documents. During his affair with Mona Sax in 2003 Max feels he has betrayed Michelle and this reflects in his dreams. By the end of the cleaner case in 2003 Max has come to terms with Michelle's death saying "I had a dream of my wife. She was dead but it was all right".


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