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Mickey Cohen is a character in L.A. Noire. Cohen is a powerful member of a crime organization that spans from Los Angeles to Chicago and all the way to New York City, Cohen's hometown. Always by his right-hand man and bodyguard, Johnny Stompanato, Cohen is said to be the top kingpin of all gangsters in L.A. Noire, Cohen is played/voiced by Patrick Fischler.
Cohen primarily appears in the section of L.A. Noire's story that takes place while Phelps is working vice. Cohen is involved with the trafficking of army surplus morphine stolen by G.I.s from Phelps' unit in the marines during the Second World War, led by medical student Courtney Sheldon. Cohen putting pressure on Sheldon, and Sheldon's distaste for the way the morphine is being sold leads him to go to his mentor Dr Harlan Fontaine for help.
It is strongly implied that vice detective Roy Earle is on Cohen's payroll. When ever the two meet they seem on good terms for a cop and a known gangster, and earle tries disuade Phelps from his usual forthright, aggressive style of interrogation with Cohen.


  • Mickey Cohen is based on the real life Los Angeles gangster of the same name.

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