I think I'm in love with Minecraft

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At first  I was overwhelmed with the lack of focus and just diddled around with making staircases out of dirt.   About 30 seconds before I was going to switch the game off out of boredom, I notice the sky seems to be getting darker.  Before I know it, the world was almost totally black and I felt even more lost.  What the hell is this shit?
Then I found the Wiki.  
Once I grasped the basics of crafting I started up a new game and was shocked to see how different everything looked.  I spawned in front of a giant mountain so I climbed to the top, naturally.  By then, I had a good stockpile of a variety of resources so I got my workbench up at the top of the mountain and began my descent into the core.   I hit rock so I set up another workbench and tried to knock out some pickaxes and axes to give me a leg up.  It got dark again so I figured out how to make torches.  It wasn't long before I had a series of hallways in my dungeon in the center of the mountain.  I expanded to the edges and made a spiral staircase back to the top of the mountain.  It was still dark but I was out of torches so I kept digging in the dark for more materials.   When I heard the zombie growl I shit my pants... 
I'm constantly being surprised in this game, with the help of the wiki to guide me in the right direction.  I haven't had this much fun since I was a child playing with Legos.  I hope more people give Minecraft a shot, because it's really something special once you understand the basics of setting up.

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It's a great game, I look forward to seeing what is added as the game continues to be developed.

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A new friday update comes out tommorrow, the singleplayer is the focus this time, should give you even more things to do, im glad you like it!

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I promised myself the next time I read something awesome about this game that I would buy it. Heading there now.
I hope it sates my survival lust that Stalker planted.

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I'm so glad sandbox gathering/crafting games are getting popular now. 
For years I've been in love with these types of games, but there's such a lack of them.
Maybe in the future, there might be an influx of them trying to recreate Minecraft's success.

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Minecraft is amazing it fulfills some primal urge of mine to dig forever.

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i can't stop playing i can't stop playing i can't stop playing  
send help

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Minecraft is an autism simulator

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@Mikemcn: woah woah woah.....were getting an update today!? 
where is this news available? this is excitement personified. 
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@Davvyk: If you follow Notch's blog or Notch on Twitter - he often posts about upcoming updates. Since the release of alpha he's done a relatively large update every Friday - he took a break the past few weeks due to business meetings, etc. but he's back developing it now.
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So can you give me a brief idea of, what exactly you do? I've seen people talking about this game alot.  But most of the stuff I've seen on it, you just..build blocks on top of each other and mine stuff?? or am i way off?

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@OverLord00: I just wrote this thread. Hopefully that'll cover everything you need to know.
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Played for like 5 mins and I was addicted.

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im enjoying it too, atm im trying to get my friends into it but its so hard to explain y its awesome cause without playing it yourself it just sounds stupid

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