Minecraft 12w37a plus XBLA edition screenshots.

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Hey duders! I am SexyToad the sexiest! Another snapshot was released today. Also yesterday or the day before 4J studios released some screenshots of the XBLA edition and a video of a new avatar item. I'm going to go ahead and start with those.

A pet sheep!
Silverfish in the back there. Plus in the inventory are watermelons.
Silverfish in the back there. Plus in the inventory are watermelons.
Some Endermans chilling.
Some Endermans chilling.
Spider in a abandoned mine shaft.
Spider in a abandoned mine shaft.

Now lets move on to the latest Minecraft PC update. This is a not a big update at all. A lot of tweaking and bug fixes to various items. But here are some new stuff.

Pigs can now jump blocks when you're riding on them.

There is a new food item! Some delicious Pumpkin Pie! Made with a pumpkin, sugar, and a egg.

Mobs are more aggressive now. Depending on the difficulty they will jump down cliffs to try to get players. On easy they may jump 10 blocks but on hard jump 18 blocks. But they will not commit suicide.

They have also added some flat world customization. You can have a snowy flat land or a layer of dirt then 50 layers worth of stone. Right now you can only use presets but in later snapshot you can edit the layers.

Well that's it for this week. I'll make another one of these next week for the next snapshot and Minecraft news.

Edit: Hold on the thread left out some pictures

Edit: There!

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Cool stuff, not a lot of my usual minecraft information outlets are saying anything about the 360 edition.

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