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    Mirurun ミルルン

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    Mirurun is a Tetris battle Gaiden character. He appears to be an amorphous pink mass with long rabbit like ears, a power cord for a tail and no mouth or nose. His Crystal Powers are:

    Level 1: ミルルン Mirurun

    Erases the bottom four rows of your stack.

    Level 2: ハンテン Hanten (反転) (Roll Over)

    Inverts opponent's controls for the next three tetraminos: Left, Right = Rotate. A = Left. Y = Right. B = Crystal Power.

    Level 3: ペンタリス Pentarisu

    Mirurun jumps on a pump and adds five rows to the bottom of the opponent's stack.

    Level 4: スリトテ Suritote (Tetris backwards: テトリス Tetorisu)

    Inverts the blocks and space that comprise the opponent's stack.


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