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    The MK1-Braton is the starting rifle for new players of Warframe.

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    MK1 - Braton

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    The first gun the player starts the game with. It serves its purpose well as it has decent all-around stats making it versatile to most situations.

    • Type: Automatic rifle
    • Damage: 16.0
    • Rate: 6.3
    • Accuracy: 40.0
    • Clip: 60.0
    • Cost: 8,000 credits or 50 platinum
    • Mastery Rank: 0
    • Polarity: None


    The Braton is an upgraded version of the starting MK1 although it trades in a larger clip and accuracy for higher damage and rate of fire. Due to the reduction in accuracy, the Braton is more suited to close-to-mid range combat.

    • Type: Automatic rifle
    • Damage: 17.0
    • Rate: 11.3
    • Accuracy: 28.6
    • Clip: 45.0
    • Cost: 10,000 credits or 75 platinum
    • Mastery Rank: 0
    • Polarity: None

    Braton Vandal

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    A special edition variant of the Braton with custom paint job that could only be acquired between Friday 15th February 2013 - Tuesday 19th February 2013 in celebration of the Open Beta weekend. This variant also has the highest base damage and rate of fire out of the Braton family but still has lower accuracy than the starting MK1.

    • Type: Automatic rifle
    • Damage: 18.0
    • Rate: 12.5
    • Accuracy: 33.3
    • Clip: 45
    • Cost: 1 credit
    • Mastery Rank: 1
    • Polarity: Attack

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