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136105 childishbeat Game The game was recently confirmed to be a launch title for the Intellivision Amico in a YouTube video uploaded on the official Intellivision Entertainment YouTube channel, entitled Intellivision® Amico™ Moon Patrol contest & Tommy's retro hardware collection, so I've put April 3rd, as that's when the game would come out for the first time, as that's when the console's Founders Edition will come out. You can accept 04/15/2021 as the true first release date instead if you'd like, as that's when the game is coming out to the general public, as that's when the Intellivision Amico will come out to that audience. 10/14/20 01:00AM 17 done
135758 childishbeat Game The Intellivision Amico has been delayed to April 15, 2020, or Q2 2020. And since the Wikipedia article for the console says the game has also been delayed to Q2 2020, I've decided to make this article say that too, and so if this article is used as a reference on Wikipedia, the reference and attached information wouldn't look bad from using the game's former release date. Also, for anyone who's seeing this, if you'd rather get the release date field made blank, please feel free to get it done. 10/09/20 11:45PM 17 done
129117 reverendhunt Game 08/14/20 01:19PM 66 done

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