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    The MRT5 is a McGill University-designed entry into the Formula SAE competition, and was programmed into Live for Speed for testing purposes.

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    When McGill University needed simulation testing for their entry into the yearly Formula SAE competition, they enlisted the help of the Live for Speed team. The LFS developers agreed to help, and made a version of their car available for LFS players. Called MRT5 for being the 5th design of the McGill racing team, the MRT5 is the only kart-style vehicle in the game so far, and was a very popular choice until Formula cars were made available for play.

    The MRT5 placed second in the Formula SAE competition.

    Pictures have surfaced in the past of an MRT5 with a wing, but this was simply McGill students testing the feasibility of a wing for the MRT6 model. The idea was scrapped, and the wing was never made available to players.


    These specifications were obtained from Live for Speed.

    • Engine Placement: Mid-engine
    • Drive Wheels: Rear-wheel drive
    • Transmission: Motorbike gearbox
    • Engine: 600 cc turbocharged inline 4
    • Power: 48 kW (64 bhp) @ 7894 rpm
    • Torque: 69 Nm (51 lbft) @ 5071 rpm
    • Total Mass: 221 kg (486 lbs)
    • Power-weight: 217 W/kg (296 bhp/ton)
    • Weight Distribution: 37.5% Front, 62.5% Rear
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 20 liters

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