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    Natsu is a new character in the Soul Calibur series that appears in Soul Calibur V. She is a disciple of Taki, a veteran of the series.

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    Natsu is a new playable character in Soul Calibur V. She is a disciple of Taki. She replaces Taki on the game's roster and uses a similar moveset. Like Taki, she is a fast character that excels at quick strikes and movement.

    It is thought by Natsu's ninja clan that the spirit Arahabaki resides in her body, and she is thus shunned by most of its members. Taki, however, does not feel that way, and trains her personally. When Taki leaves for the west and doesn't return, Natsu decides to embark on a journey to find her. Along the way, she joins up with Leixia, Xiba, and Maxi.


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