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Excellent game great online best game in the series.

Game play: Nfs carbon looks a bit like nfs most wanted because carbon has the same cop cars and same pursuit music but this version is not to avoid just because you played most wanted because this game is better instead of having stricked blacklist rules you just race in the hole map until you get the attention from the ``boss racer``. These bosse`s will challenge you in the city then in the canyon the canyon is a racing duel and you try to get more points to beat your adversary the races are fun but feels long when you are at 95 % of the completion. because you also have defence races wich are when other opponents gain your territory and you have to defend back to get your spot back when you think about that those are extras races. Online is awesome you can choose different kind of races.

Graphics : graphics are perfect if you`re computer can support high graphics everything to max you will see that the graphics are the 360 like graphics .

Sound:exellent music and excellent car sounds perfect

Overall: Perfect game but not as sharp as most wanted because the actors in the game are not as good.

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