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    EA Black Box

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    Better know as EA Black Box and originally as Black Box Games before it was acquired by EA.

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    Early Years

    Founded as Black Box Games in 1998, the company developed various sports games under various publishers.

    Under EA

    Acquired by Electronic Arts in 2002, the studio was renamed EA Black Box and intergrated into EA Canada before it becoming independent from EA Canada again in 2005. In 2003, EA Black Box moved into custom-built space in the top floors of a waterfront high-rise in downtown Vancouver. EA Black Box's main focus has been on the series Need for Speed. The developer later also created a skateboarding franchise called Skate.

    EA announced on December 19, 2008, that EA Black Box would be closed on successful completion of Skate 2. Franchises and some staff would be transferred to EA's nearby Burnaby, British Columbia studio.


    During 2012 the company was hit with layoffs, and by July of that same year it was renamed Quicklime Games during the development of PC game Need for Speed: World, under which name it operated until its closure in April 2013.


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