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    Giovanni Reda

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    Reda is a professional skateboarding photographer who appears in EA's Skate series.

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    Reda first appeared in skate.. His original role was simply to guide the skater from time to time, the developers at EA Black Box, realized his voice acting talent and gave him a more dominant role. Due to the fact that the developers believed that gamers seemed to like Reda's sarcastic comments in the first game, the developers gave him an even more prominent role in Skate 2. Before the development of Skate 2, Reda also gave feedback to the development team about how to change the camera angle, as Reda is a professional skate film recorder. Though most of his ideas were scrapped, some remained, such as the tripod.
    In Skate 3, Reda will no longer films the player, but will manage the player character's board company. His main role will be giving the player advice on how to increase board sales and getting their product out in the game-world, the main goal in the career mode of Skate 3. Shingo, an NPC skater from the first two Skate games, will be taking over Reda's role as filmer. Most importantly, he will not talk non-stop as Reda did, which is made light of in-game.

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