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    Nemacyst are flying, organic bombs spew forth from a Seeder's tail. They take aim for the closest COG or helicopter. Seem to have red eyes that is used to lock on to targets like COG's and Helicopters.

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    The Nemacyst's got high maneuverability  and can easily sneak up on the player behind cover or in the open. However it is fairly easy to handle, as it takes very few shots from any kind of weapon in the game. It first appeared in Gears of War Act 1 when you first encounter a Seeder,. and later in the Sequel of Gears of War.

    The Nemacyst will appear when there is a Seeder around, and you will have to keep the air clean, at the same time as you attempt to take out a Seeder. This is much easier in Co Op, as one player can take aim at the Seeder as they appear.
    The Nemacyst's crashed into the King Raven helicopter in Act 1 after Delta Squad had rescued Alpha Squad at the end of act 1 and prevented the COG's extraction.


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