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Giant Bomb News


We've Got New Shows And A Premium Sale!

Check out details on our new shows, new contributors, and a wonderful low price for Premium!

If you missed it today on the Bombcast, we are going to be launching two new shows on Giant Bomb within the next week! First up, launching this Thursday, is Grubbsnax, our weekly interactive gaming industry news show hosted by Jeff Grubb, a reporter who's got arguably the best flow in the business. Tune in LIVE on Thursdays at 10am PT/1pm ET to check out the first episode! Each show will feature a Q&A portion where Premium members have access to ask Grubb whatever is on their minds about the games biz.


Starting Monday July 5, Danny O'Dwyer and Tamoor Hussain will be making their way through the Soulsborne catalog. Introducing Borne to Run, where the duo will be exploring all the nooks and crannies of games from From Software...and beyond! Will they finish before Elden Ring comes out? Probably!

Then, starting on Monday July 26, Borne to Run will take a week off so that we can debut Guilty Treasures, Danny's monthly show where he'll be interviewing Giant Bomb staff about their favorite titles that maybe never went full mainstream.

The first episode of these shows will be free, but all episodes afterward will require Premium to view them in full. You can always try out a free trial of Giant Bomb Premium if you'd like, or you can lock in a year's worth of access to all of our Premium #content for the low, low price of $35 if you sign up before July 10th! If you renew at the full price before July 10th and would like the sale price, simply email and we'll try to get you sorted - please have patience though as there is a lot of volume during sale periods!

And it doesn't end here: stay tuned for more show announcements throughout the summer. In July, keep an eye out for a new show from Tamoor Hussain, Lucy James and Jeff Bakalar as well as a brand new series from stinky man Dan Ryckert and Jeff Bakalar. All that, plus your usual dose of Unprofessional Fridays each week and fun! It's all actually happening!