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Hey, We've Got A Newsletter And Here's How To Sign Up For It!

It starts with THE WORDS, people!

Newspapers are the future!
Newspapers are the future!

Have you heard about this thing called email? Apparently it's the hot new thing, and we here at Giant Bomb, never known to shy away from the hottest trends, are shouting ALL ABOARD as we hop on this hottest of bandwagons. That's right; we've got a newsletter and we want to send it directly to your electronic mail inbox!

There's no hard and fast rules for what we're throwing in these biweekly missives; topics thus far have included Jeff's reminiscences on the site's founding and first ten years, Ben's discussion of which Switch games are best suited for using as an excuse to avoid your family during the holidays, and my own description of how much food I can eat.

Hey, why don't I just stop joshin' around and give you an excerpt of an email I wrote last month, before Game Of The Year got into full swing:

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Wow, that's a great story: compelling, and rich. There's only one rule about the Giant Bomb Newsletter, and that there are no rules. Want to sign up? Here's how!

First, hover over your avatar in the corner of your screen and click on the Settings button:

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Step two: Ensure that you're accepting emails from staff, then hit Subscribe!

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And that's it! You should get another thrilling episode of the Giant Bomb Newsletter every other Monday morning; it's the Perfect Treat To Start The Week!™ You can unsubscribe at any time you like! And here's the privacy policy that covers the newsletter if you want to read that before making up your mind!

We currently do not have a method to subscribe if you don't have a site account, but we're working on one!