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    Nickelodeon GUTS

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released November 1994

    A video game based from the TV game show of the same name and released in November 1994.

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    Nickelodeon GUTS is an action-sports game developed and published by Viacom New Media for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North America on November 1994.

    Based on the real-life Nickelodeon game show of the same name, GUTS has players taking on the role of a young athlete (in either blue, red, or purple garb and yellow protective gear) as they compete in multiple events (usually "extreme" versions of other sports) in an indoor field.

    Unlike the real game show, which had all three contestants competing against each-other, the game includes either two-player competitive or one-player "Training" in two types of events (the behind-the-back "Aerial" and the side-scrolling platformer "Gym") followed possibly by a run through the series' signature Aggro Crag course.



    The first and third events have contestants attempting close-ranged shots into their goal while leaping from a long distance (as they are strapped into an elastic harness). There are three variations: Attack (in which the contestant use a lacrosse stick to toss balls into a large net), Slam Dunk (in which the contestant shoot a basketball into a hoop), and Spirals (in which the contestant lobs a football through a ring).

    Players have a limited amount of time to score as many goals as they can, with each attempt having players adjusting their position (by holding Left/Right), launching themselves off of the pad (by holding Down until the power meter is filled, and then holding Left/Right to adjust their velocity), shooting their shot (by pressing the B button at the right time), and recovering back onto the pad (by holding Down as they return). Pressing both X and Y instead of B launches a Special shot worth double points.

    In two-player mode, both players play simultaneously, shown side-by-side.


    The second (Basic Training) and fourth (Tornado Run) events are side-scrolling platformers as each contestant runs a long-winding obstacle course as fast as they can within the time limit. Each course has a variety of obstacles, including inclines, water pools, climbable pipes, and swingable ropes.

    Players have a Stamina meter that depletes under certain conditions (such as getting hit by an obstacle or landing hard jumps) and fills by the contestant not moving.

    In two-player mode, players alternate runs. Collecting a special collectible allows players to enter a Bonus Round after the run, in which the contestant (strapped into an elastic harness) bounce along a short course as they knock baseballs off of a surface.


    Better known as the Aggro Crag, this event is only available in the Game Show mode. It plays similar to the Gym events, with new obstacles (such as waterfalls and falling rocks) and objectives (as players jump on Actuators scattered throughout the course.

    In single-player, players must have a certain amount of points from the first four events to attempt the event. In two-player mode, players alternate runs and both players can participate regardless of score. The score for winning the event is significantly higher, and can likely help the trailing player win the game.


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