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Nickelodeon GUTS is a competitive miscellaneous sports game for the Super Nintendo based on the TV show of the same name. The Nickelodeon TV show GUTS was ostensibly American Gladiators for kids. The video game based on the license kept the similarity going by being highly reminiscent of the GameTek American Gladiators game. Two players take turns competing in events, two "bungee-style" games and two obstacle course games. Each player is given an amount of points depending on how well they did. The competition concludes with each player taking a shot at the Aggro Crag, a man-made mountain with checkpoints and traps (rock slides, etc).

While this game was intended to be played competitively, a single-player mode is included, though this is referred to as "Nickelodeon GUTS Training" on the title screen.



Each of these recreate one of the various in-show events which basically make a typical sport children play "extreme" by adding bungee cords.

  • Slam Dunk
  • Attack
  • Spirals

Obstacle Course

These are platforming levels, climbing inclines, ropes and poles to reach the finish. The controls are deliberate, very similar to the original Prince of Persia.

  • Basic Training
  • Tornado Run

Aggro Crag

This is essentially another obstacle course, but unlike the others, cannot be played in the single event mode. The only way to reach the Crag is at the end of a full game.


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