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Hey duders. So it turns out a guy I used to work with (a fellow electrical engineer by the name of Andy Reitano) decided to make a new NES game. And no I don't mean he made a NES style game on a PC. He straight up made a new cartridge meant to run on a NES game console.

He launched a Kickstarter earlier this year, and it was successfully funded. The trailer is awesome and the game looks like a ton of fun so I wanted to share his work. I've linked the trailer below and, if anyone is interested, I also linked the original Kickstarter link as well; so you can get a better understand of what he's done/is doing.

Original Kickstarter:

As someone who loves electronics and video games this project rocks.

NOTE: If you're interested in buying it just click on the youtube video, there is a link in the description to his website where you can buy the game. And no, I'm not getting anything for sharing his game (he doesn't even know that I know he made it), just thought it was fucking rad. =D

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