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The Nurburgring is a common spectacle in racing games, but it is also a real life racetrack. The Nurburgring is located in Nurburg, Germany. Fans of the track know it simply as The Ring. There are multiple layouts to the track, such as the Grand Prix track, which was constructed in 1984. The longest track is the Gesamtstrecke, which translated into English means 'full course'. This is the longest layout for the track, and covers almost 18 miles. However, the Gesamtstrecke is much less well known than the Nordschleife, which commonly appears in videogames and is around 14 miles. The Nordschleife is open to public access, and is commonly used as a testing ground by different manufacturers.
The Grand Prix track, or GP-Strecke, is used for major racing events, such as the Grand Prix races it was initially constructed for. According to estimates, the amount of deaths that occur on the Nurburgring are around 3-12 per year. The track management do not publish information for obvious reasons, but the 3-12 estimate is derived entirely from public sessions.

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