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    A vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up game for MS Dos developed by Tech-Noir and published by Epic Games in 1992, Overkill features six worlds and a wide variety of upgrade options as the player takes on hordes of alien invaders.

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    Like many of its contemporaries, Overkill puts the player in the role of a lone pilot of a spaceship that has been given the task of destroying hordes of aliens that are terrorizing the star system and liberate six planets that have been enslaved by them. Unlike many similar shoot 'em up titles of its time, however, Overkill features a branching path upgrade system for the player's ship and weapons, as well as giving the player several shield bars that all have to be depleted before losing a life. While taking a shot removes small increments of life, colliding with an enemy ship instantly depletes a full layer of the player's shield.

    Release history

    Overkill was originally released in 1992 as shareware. On the 23rd of July of 2008, the registered version was declared to be freeware by the game's maker, Ste Cork.


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