27-inch monitor - Still worth it at 1080p?

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Like the title says. Thinking about getting a 27inch monitor, but unsure as to whether or not it would be worth it if it was at 1080p, as I've seen people bitching about them not looking great because of the relative lack of pixel density at that size and resolution. Its main use will be for my PS3 and blu-rays, and I'll keep using the 24" I have for my PC. Not considering any higher resolution, as most PS3 games that are upscaled from 720p don't look great already on the 24" at 1080p. Any help from people who own a 27" would be mahoosively appreciated, cheers.

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if you are going to be sitting at the same distance as from your 24", and the panel is of the same quality, then, the picture would be "worse" on the 27".

if you move it a bit further away, it'd probably work fine.

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All the things I've read basically state anything over 32" go to 1080p and anything below 720p

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I use a 32" TV as a monitor in 1080p, but like devildoll said, it's all about distance.  I have the thing set way back on a rather large desk, and its enjoyable.   That being said, if you're going to be very close to it, then I don't recommend it.  It's been nice for me, though, because I don't hunch over to get closer to read things, putting less stress on my neck and back and improving my posture. I can even kick back on my futon (yeah, I have a futon in my office) and still game and watch movies.. even do some non-reading-intensive internet browsing from a little further away.

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@Oscar__Explosion said:

All the things I've read basically state anything over 32" go to 1080p and anything below 720p

Just to clarify it will be a Monitor that I'm buying, which means my only choice is 1080p or higher.

For a better idea, I sit about 2 feet back from my current 24" when watching stuff and playing PS3 games, and that distance would probably increase to 2.5 or 3 feet with a bigger screen. At that distance, need I worry about pixel density?

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The larger the screen the higher resolution you want it to have.

I have a 27" 1080p monitor and it looks fine for gaming, I don't think you need to worry about reduced pixel density until you get to huge TV sizes, like 60"+ or if you are using a smaller monitor for some sort of high grade digital art/photo editing etc.

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I have a 27 inch 1080 monitor.

It looks gorgeous.

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My 27-inch is 2560x1440 and it looks good, but I don't think I would like less than that.

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I have a 27 inch monitor and have found if I can't run a game at 2560x1440 it's not worth it. For example, I can either play The Witcher 2 or Farcry 3 at Very High settings on my monitor at 2560x1440 or Ultra at 1920x1080 and it ends up looking better to play on the lower graphical settings at a higher resolution.

I'm super picky about image clarity though. Your mileage may vary!

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I have a 27'' at 1080p and i think it looks fantastic. Just sit back a bit (which you need to do anyway) and you'll be fine. Plus there are other things to think about when it comes to image quality that would, in my opinion, make a bigger difference then splitting hairs on the resolution.

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@Oscar__Explosion said:

All the things I've read basically state anything over 32" go to 1080p and anything below 720p

That's really a load of bullshit to be honest. You would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a 720P and 1080P Blu-Ray at the same distance away from a 42" TV, let's say sitting 6 feet back.

Always buy a higher quality screen/panel over resolution. I used to have a 37" 1080P LCD, it was ASS compared to my old 42" but 720P plasma.

Nowadays though, you don't really pay a premium for 1080P, so it's a non-issue.

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OK, thanks for the replies guys, going to go ahead with it, when I finally decide what brand and panel type I should go for (IPS, TN, MVA). Cheers!

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get a 23-24inch monitor and downsample games from higher resolutions, works like a charm.

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I went with this last year and it's been great, I use it my 360, pc gaming and for watching movies. I know it's not the best monitor out there but for the price the quality is excellent.


Hope it helps.

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I have a 24" 1080p led monitor. perfect size for a pc monitor. It has only 2ms latency.

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I am amazed at the level of nonsense in this thread in a single page, from the question itself being posed to all the answers.

So raise your hands everyone in this thread that has a 1080p TV of over 32 inches. I know my hand is raised. And yes, the closer you are and the bigger the screen, the more noticeable the individual pixels, but this has zero impact in gaming, short of allowing more pixels for your screen space AA solutions to avoid having problems with small objects and thin edges (you can even downsample from 2K to 1080p if you also happen to have overspent massively on your graphics card, as someone mentioned).

2K resolutions are fit for projecting movies in cinema screens, the only possible reason to want them on anything smaller than a living room TV is text clarity, which can help reduce eye strain when working, or the fact that one happens to find himself with more money and snobbery than one can handle. For anything resembling a CG or real life picture, anything below 32 inches, maybe even 40, looks great at 1080p.

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I use a 27" monitor and I wouldn't want to go back. It looks perfectly fine.

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