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ok guys so I want to be next-gen ready i.e. have a PC AT LEAST on par with the Xbox 720 and Ps4. Now I know that no specs have been revealed for those systems yet, but based of speculation and educated guesses could someone help me upgrade my current PC. I figure my PC will need to be a tad bit better than the proposed next gen specs since it will have to handle OS functions. So my CPU and RAM will have to be a bit better. RAM is cheap so I plan to put in 8GB total. My current rig is.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2GHz ( not overclocked)


AMD HD 6850 @ 1GB VRAM

Antec 620W PSU

some ASUS motherboard that allows GPU's to be crossfired or SLI'ed

Generic 1TB HDD (if installing an SSD would help please let me know. Also let me know what should be installed on this SSD and what should be left on the HDD)

and thats about it. I have a Cooler Master fan for my cpu so im set there.

Now the big question is, should I stick with AMD for my graphics and CPU or should I move to Intel. Also should I crossfire or just buy a new GPU. I hate the sound of a lot of fans running at like 6000 RPM (lol my stock CPU fan ran that hot)

Please, guys, any and all help is appreciated.

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