I wanna upgrade my PC, and need advice?

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This question probably gets asked a lot in the PC forum, I've read through the What to Buy and How to build sticky but I mostly get confused with all the GT/GTX/ 1984/ stuff and they all blur in to one heap of letters and numbers and i can never work out A)Which is better and B)Which is right for me.

I want to upgrade my set-up as i've recently got into gaming on PC over my xbox, Deciding to buy Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite through steam. These are my first "AAA" titles, as i used to use my pc for things like Terraria and stuff.

My current specs are:

Intel Core i3 2120 @3.3ghz


Nvida GeForce GT430

64gb SSD HD (Recent upgrade, running os)

1tb HHD (Where my programs and data are installed)

I run my pc duel screen with my main display as a 17" monitor connected via VGA and my 42" LCD TV connected via HDMI (also used for audio)

The TV is where XBMC, Steam Big Screen and all my games are played. My Monitor is really just for browsing the net

Games run mostly fine between 30-60fps on Bioshock/tombraider on Mid settings, drop to around 15-30fps at Mid-High and the benchmark test says Adv 8fps on ultra/ultimate/best settings (all at 1920x1080)

My budget is from £50-120 for a new GPU. I've looked on ebuyer and tried to google what i should get but theres too many brands/models and none really say "This is the card you want to see Lara's awesome TressFX at 60FPS OMG!!!11!!!1"

Also I will be acquiring 2 sticks of 8GB DDR3 Ram from my brother when his new RAM arrives so i will have 16GB RAM then.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and apologies if you duders get this question all the time and are pissed off with always answering it.

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Comes with both tomb raider and bioshock infinite, there is a possibility that you'll need to upgrade your powersupply, let us know what you have currently.

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Well for $120 you aren't going to be running TressFX at 60 fps or many of the latest DX11 games on the highest settings. It's slightly over your budget, but a Geforce 650 ti is probably your best bet for overall performance. Specifically for Tomb Raider, you're going to want a Radeon not a Geforce. Personally I prefer Geforce, but a Radeon 7770 is around the same price and performance. Both of these are mid range cards. You'll probably be able to get close to 60 fps on medium settings with these on the latest games, and 30 fps or so on medium/high depending on the game. To get a solid 30 fps on the latest games at the highest settings you are going to want something along the lines of a 660 ti or 670 for a Geforce and 7870 or 7950 for a Radeon. For 60 fps at highest settings on the latest DX11 games you are probably going to need a 680 for Geforce or a 7970 for Radeon. Again that is just for the latest DX11 games. For DX9 games other than The Witcher 2 you'll be just fine with anything at a 660 level or above.

Also, I would also consider upgrading your CPU to an i5 as a lot of modern games are taking more and more advantage of the latest CPU tech.

A couple other things to consider when choosing a card -

Nvidia (Geforce) has a couple exclusive technologies like PhysX, CUDA, and TXAA that can be really valuable in certain games and programs that support them.

Meanwhile, the 600 series of Geforce cards have incredibly weak Direct Compute and OpenCL abilities which would be valuable for someone with a weaker CPU like you.

Hope all that helps.

EDIT: Whoops didn't notice you said Euros not dollars. In that case, definitely go for either a 660 or 7850.

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The best bang-for-your-buck GPUs right now are the Nvidia GTX660 and the Radeon 7850. The 7850 is a little bit better price wise, but I thought I'd list both since some people (myself included) have a preference for Nvidia. Don't go any lower than those or you'll start getting into cards that aren't meant for gaming. You can go higher if you want, but the price to performance starts going down.

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Thanks for your help guys. Defiantly food for thought here.

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