Looking for a mid-size PC case

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So yes! I'm looking to get rid of my old ass Coolermaster case which I've had for a good 6 years or so. It's one of those ones with the retro PSU area placed above the CPU and absolutely no possibility of cable management.

But yeah, I'm looking for a case with really good airflow, good at keeping dust out, and good cable management!

It definitely has to be mid-size, and under £100

I was looking at the Fractal R3, which looks to be pretty great... but I'm not sure about the airflow, since it's pretty much made for silence.

Also if it has a bunch of LED's on it, preferably a case with an off switch for LED's... I have sleep to get, man.

Thanks for any help!

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@ElNeebre: I'll bump for you :P You could get a case from the HAF series? Such as the HAF 912 or 922

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Anyone know of a good mid-sized case that has a window on the side? as the op stated i wouldn't mind finding a case thats below 100$ and has good cooling with a window on the side for lighting i want to add, ther then the Antec 900 i haven't found a single good case in the mid-rage yet that would at least fit big cards, always looking on newegg, and the only one that really seems to fit the needs is the ever-aging antec 900, but thats often over 100$ anyway.. If your going to spend 100$ on a case, you might aswell just get a full tower lol... so if anyones using a good mid-sized case, lemme know :D

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mmmmm that is a good one.... Not sure on the cooling of that one though... only has 3 fans and knowing how warm hardware gets these days....

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