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Hello, My name is ... and, I have a Peggle problem.

Alright, so I am a gamer of the hardcore variety, I in no way shape or form consider myself a "casual", not that there is anything wring with casual, its just not my style.

However, in the case of Peggle extreme for the PC I took the hardcore entry into the galaxy that is Peggle. Peggle Extreme comes bundled with the Half Life 2: Orange Box and all in all is a meaty slice of what is offered in its fleshed out couter part Peggle: Deluxe.

Peggle is a simple game about shooting marbles (or small digital orbs... what have you) into a area full of Pegs, the goal of the game is to eleminate every orange orb before you run out of marbles.  It sound simple... and it is simple, and it is its simplicity that breeds its addictivness.  The levels are just hard enough to be entertaining and it really produces the one more chip (Dorritos) or one more turn (Civilization) mentality.

Peggle does so many right that its wrong doings are really negliable, the only thing that personally I would really like to see is screen resolution settings, such as the ability to adjust the resolution to your screen, the game is currently pretty blurry on my screen 1680x1050.

So go, give it a try, buy the Orange box if you like or just pick up the full version of Peggle Deluxe.

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