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If you need more Peggle, this is a great grab

Peggle is one of the finer casual games to show up in a long time. If you liked it, and you are tired of playing those levels, then Peggle Nights is exactly what you are looking for. It has a ton of new levels, one new green peg power-up, and some other minor additions to the gameplay that extend the life of the game. This package is a great grab for only ten bucks. Even if you skipped the first game, you might want to just go ahead and start with this one.

The gameplay for Peggle Nights is mostly unchanged from the original Peggle, and that is mostly a good thing. You still launch a ball to knock out orange pegs, you still get two green "power-up" pegs per level, and you still start each level with ten pegs. The sound effects and graphics haven't changed at all. Peggle Nights simply offers up more levels. A lot more levels. Fifty-five in the base package, plus ten more bonus levels that you can download off of the internet. It also has some minor improvements to the gameplay that increase the replay value. Specifically, it awards you for achieving an "ace" score on each level, and it has a series of challenges that you can complete after you have finished "adventure" mode. These challenges include finishing a level with only three balls instead of ten, achieving a certain score, and many others. These challenges are very hard and will take a long, long time to finish if you so desire.

The one new green power-up peg is a lightning bolt that lights up all of the pegs in a line from your ball to the catcher. It is a very cool idea. The rest of the power-ups are the same as the previous games, which is a bit of a disappointment. The new levels are well-done, but it would have been nice to have more unique power-ups.

It has more content than the original, and you can get Peggle Nights off of Steam for only ten dollars. If you are a fan of Peggle or Peggle Deluxe and you are looking for more of the same, then Peggle Nights is an easy game to recommend.

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