What is that thing?

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The little tv icon with the rainbow circle around it, it keeps appearing in the lower right hand corner from time to time. I've tried taping on it, but nothing happens. What is it? Why does it haunt me so!

And I don't mean the one on the load screen with Teddie in side. It usually appears when you are in your room or in the classroom. Only places I have noticed it anyways.

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Just means it updated/added something in the TV Listings section that is accessible in the main menu. It adds the anime cutscenes you see in the game, holds the Mystery Quiz minigame, some live performances by Lotus Juice and some other people.

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Ah! Thanks for the info. I was not even aware of this option on the main menu. I usually just rush through all that by repeatedly hitting X until the game loads.

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I knew about the cut scenes but not the mini game quiz show. Must be how you get the trophy for that. Thanks for the info.

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Did ya get that thing I sent ya?

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@TooWalrus said:

Did ya get that thing I sent ya?

Sure did!

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@TooWalrus said:

Did ya get that thing I sent ya?

No I did not. Please review the following for the future:

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