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So the devs have posted a roadmap up until June of what they plan for the future of the game.

Here are (what I think) some notable changes for each month below but be sure to check out the full list on the link posted.


Spawn Room Tunnel System - This will add additional escape paths to Tech Plants and Amp Stations

Experience Intensives - Probably should've been included in the first place but this basically means that killing certain players will net you different amounts of XP. For example, killing someone who has just spawned will only get you a small amount of XP but a player who has been alive for awhile and is playing well will get you more XP.


VR Training Area - For anyone that's already playing this won't mean much as you will have already gotten over the initial "what do I do?" of the game but for new players, this sounds fantastic as the game currently just launches you into the world with no clue on what you should be doing.

Account level unlocks - Currently unlocking with Station Cash is tied to your character but this will be changed with this update which is a very welcome change to all players.

Regional Empire Priority System - This change will allow the game to prioritise regions based on what's happening giving more incentive to fight there as these areas come with score/XP bonuses.

Orbital Strike - I'm not too sure how this one will work within the game itself but the description says that it's intended to help push enemy players out of an area by turning that area into a series of large explosions. I'll be interested to see how this turns out and how it'll effect balance.


Continent locking - Perhaps the biggest and most welcome change and critical to the long term success of the game.. Right now the game is completely open ended. You can completely dominate a map but not capture way points. The unfortunate downside to this is that it'll be coming in March when it's crucially needed now.

Tutorial - This will be added to the VR Training Area but it seems weird that it's rolling out in a separate month.

Colour Blind Support - Doesn't affect me but I'm sure this will be great for at least 2 people at Giant Bomb.


New Continent - The new continent will be Hossin. This continent looks to be very swamp like and dark.

May & June:

New Vehicle - The buggy will be a 4 seater vehicle which will be familiar to those who play BF. It'll have room for a driver, gunner, passenger and rumble seat.

Outfit Base Capture - This one is still in planning stages (like most of what I've posted) but the idea here will be that an outfit who is a top contributor to a base capture will get recognition for that base "belonging" to that outfit.

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The Roadmap is a great idea....worth mentioning that the items are voted up/down a-la-Reddit style to help the devs focus on the more important changes and push off the ones that have negative feedback with the players.

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