Are you guys buying disc or digital?

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#101 Posted by Glots (2866 posts) -

For as long as prices on new games will be the same (or even more) as those of physical copies, I go with the latter, since I still have nostalgia for holding the actual game with my hands...and the fact that I can also use those hands to grab the game and trade it off for a new one.

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#102 Posted by Ezekiel (1695 posts) -

I don't buy digitally on closed platforms. I don't trust Sony to host the games after the PS3 and PS4 are discontinued. The games are there to sell the consoles and vise versa. It makes sense that they would be discontinued just like retail games. It's also bothersome to buy digitally because I made my account which has all my trophies and progress while I lived in another country, so I have to switch to another account just to make purchases and start downloads. With Steam, I can make purchases anywhere using the same account.

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#103 Posted by billyhoush (1264 posts) -

DISC unless it's gonna be a game that has a large online focus. I'll probably get Destiny and Driveclub digital just so I can play them without constantly swapping discs in. Linear games I like to get disc so once I'm done with them I can have the space or trade/sell/lend them out.

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#104 Posted by Quipido (1215 posts) -

I just set up a "fake" US account so I can buy digital, it's much cheaper than buying discs over here in EU (20-30% cheaper at $60 at launch).

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#105 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3685 posts) -

So far it's all disc.

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#106 Posted by ChrisHarris (283 posts) -

I'm not too worried about losing access. If it happens... there are ways to deal with that.

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#107 Posted by Demoskinos (17325 posts) -

So its funny. Since I posted on here you know how many discs I own? Two. Assassins Creed 4 and Ground Zeroes. I've found I've been buying digital way more often. Honestly, at this point I think I'll stick with digital only. Its just way more awesome to have everything at your fingertips at once rather than having to switch out discs.

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#108 Edited by Zirilius (1438 posts) -

@demoskinos said:

So its funny. Since I posted on here you know how many discs I own? Two. Assassins Creed 4 and Ground Zeroes. I've found I've been buying digital way more often. Honestly, at this point I think I'll stick with digital only. Its just way more awesome to have everything at your fingertips at once rather than having to switch out discs.

My two right now are AC4 and BF4 (PS3 Upgrade). Everything else has been all digital.

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#109 Posted by Stackboy (747 posts) -

Disc all the way, you never know when I service will disappear.

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#110 Posted by IamTerics (723 posts) -

My PS3 stopped reading discs almost a year ago and I've been digital ever since. I really like having a huge hard drive full of games without swapping discs. But I don't think I can pull this off with the PS4. My internet is terrible and the Last of Us took days to download. I do not want to deal with that pain for future consoles.

On PC its been a couple years since I bought a disc. But that's not unusual.

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#111 Posted by iceman228433 (743 posts) -

if it's a sports game then disc, if not digital all the way.

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#112 Edited by Steadying (1888 posts) -


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#113 Posted by SomeguyJohnson (144 posts) -

Digital if I can help it. Got all my original games in the buy two get one sale at release as discs and swapping them around is a pain in the ass.

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#114 Posted by RinNowaru (931 posts) -

Disc all the way.

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#115 Posted by Fattony12000 (8271 posts) -

Whichever is the best/cheapest at the time of purchase.

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#116 Edited by Tatsuyarr (139 posts) -

@quipido: If you don't mind me asking, don't you need a US credit card in order to buy games on a US account ?

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#117 Posted by ViciousReiven (977 posts) -

Discs, unless they put up some REALLY good digital deals in the future it's not worth not being able to trade or sell, and having a 250GB/month internet limit prevents me from say downloading Wolfenstein at 45GB.

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#118 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1727 posts) -

I'm doing what I've been doing with the 3DS and Vita. Trying to buy digital every time, but if there's a deal on the physical version that's too good to pass up, I'll get the disc instead.

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#119 Posted by VioleGrace (106 posts) -

As someone else said , if you really like that game and you think that you will probably spend alot of time playing it , digital version is the way to go , less loading time + you won't have to worry about the disc getting damaged , these games are such as online games , games with replayability and such , games like this are elder scrolls , call of duty , battlefield , alot of j-rpgs , etc..

however , games with playtime of 35 hours or less with no multiplayer are better off bought physically because after you buy them , they will be nothing more than a wasted space in your room , unless , you have a hobby of collecting games .

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#120 Edited by ProfessorEss (7957 posts) -

Whatever's cheaper. So probaby (oddly) discs.

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#121 Posted by Bill_P (254 posts) -

Disc. I play them through then trade them in for new games. Seems like the most cost-effective way to play all the new games to me.

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#122 Posted by DriveupLife (1173 posts) -

I am pretty solid on going digital only this generation.

First off, I don't understand people who say they won't have enough space on their console to fit all the games they'll play. I delete the games I've finished on my PS4 and they're right there in my library if I ever want to download them again. That is way better than having a disc on my shelf for the next 6 years. And as far as digital pricing, its not really a problem in my opinion. Pay a little more for a digital copy that I'll have on my account for the rest of FOREVER.

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#123 Posted by FinalDasa (3056 posts) -

Disc still. Installation sizes are incredible already (20-40GB) and relying on onlne services to reliably re-download these games aren't worth trusting just yet imo. I also don't want to manage storage on newly purchased consoles less than a year into the new generation. Hopefully I'll also be able to freely install and play these games without internet should I ever be in such a dire situation.

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#124 Edited by cannonballBAM (712 posts) -

I plan on donating all my physical games to child's play or any other like charity soon.

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#125 Posted by billymagnum (900 posts) -

i cant even remember my last disk based game....i think it was...lollipop chainsaw. man that was a while ago...once steam got its damn hooks in me, i never looked back.

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#126 Edited by Castiel (3277 posts) -

I have to go with disc since my internet connection sucks and PS4 games are huge. It would probably take me 3-4 days downloading a 40 gb file size.

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#127 Posted by craigybourne (268 posts) -

I don't know about other countries but in the UK, prices for discs are SO much cheaper when compared to their digital brothers. Discs for me.

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#128 Posted by Tehvenom (15 posts) -

A little bit of both. big size games I get physically and low memory sized games I get digitally.

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#129 Edited by raezul (19 posts) -

Digital only. A 1TB hybrid SSD/HDD is <$100. Hard drives only get cheaper and more spacious, perhaps in the next four or five years I can drop in a 3TB SSD.

Also, now that PS4 is on x86 architecture, full backward compatibility for the PS5 should be ridiculously easy, and hopefully there won't be any excuses not to do it. If not natively, at least by streaming.

I used to worry about Sony or PSN disappearing, and not having access to any digital games, but the same could be said for the game patch updates, multiplayer support, etc. Nothing is entirely offline anymore, unfortunately.

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#130 Posted by SneakyJB (51 posts) -

Whatever's cheaper. So probaby (oddly) discs.

This. Definately this. It's strange to me that the disk prices are often significantly cheaper than their digital versions. I guess in a way you are paying for convenience but I simply prefer whichever is the cheapest option.

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#132 Posted by Devil240Z (5708 posts) -

I haven't really bought much for it yet. Just MGS(disc) and Battlefield 4(digital). Rest of the games I have are F2P/PS+ so those are all digital as well.

@zella said:

I used to sell my games but don't really anymore as I usually regret selling a game like 2 years later so this way I can just redownload them from my library.

Yup, same here. I pretty much regret every game I ever sold. Digital just means I cant sell games on a whim anymore. and less clutter.

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#133 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

If I ever get a PS4 I plan to buy disk. I don't buy digital on closed platforms as I don't trust them to not make up some BS excuse to stop offering me a way to download them.

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#134 Posted by cowman91 (13 posts) -

I buy disc so I can lend the game to a friend. Plus if I buy the game and don't like it I can just take it back and get a full refund on the spot.

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#135 Posted by Corvak (1820 posts) -

Disc, 500gb is not big enough to go digital in a big way.

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#136 Posted by Dussck (933 posts) -

Digital prices are a joke. In Europe they are more expensive then physical copies and I can't lend out or sell digital games. I can't understand how these prices are what they are on PSN. There's no retailer, no disc/booklet/casing, no shipping cost and somehow it's even more expensive? How can this be?

It's almost of they want to give you the option to buy digitally, but really want you to buy the discs. Is there some conspiracy thing going on maybe (big stores want their cut)?

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#137 Posted by mrfluke (5834 posts) -

for anything always online and makes sense for remote play id go digital, but disc all day for me.

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#138 Posted by DavidMerrick (200 posts) -

I thought I was going digital, but so far all of the games I have that have been made available on disc--Ground Zeroes, Infamous, Battlefield 4, Rayman Legends and Tomb Raider: DE--I have gotten on disc. I got BF4 for cheaper that way.

Question: are the digital games any larger (or smaller) in file size than their disc-based counterparts?

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#139 Posted by BradBrains (1974 posts) -

as a Canadian almost always Digital. ten bucks less and no tax? know where im buying my stuff at.

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#140 Posted by Little_Socrates (5844 posts) -

So far, with the exception of Ground Zeroes, I've gone disc every time. I'd rather manage the centimeter of storage space on my bookshelf than the several gigabytes of memory on my hardware.

That said, I've had like four games that were even available at retail on PS4, Ground Zeroes included. My next one won't be for months. Maybe Wolfenstein if it doesn't go on sale on Steam? Garden Warfare if it has 4-player local multiplayer on PS4 like it does on X1? If not any of those, there's a chance I won't grab a new retail game for PS4 this year. Maybe Destiny. I'd consider Daylight, Evil Within, or Far Cry 4 if I didn't have a PC. That's just where I prefer to play those games.

Not that it matters. Towerfall and Sportsfriends will keep me busy for months.

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#141 Posted by Hunkulese (4009 posts) -

@darkstalker: They're charging you $80 for discs? Where do you live?

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#142 Posted by BradBrains (1974 posts) -

@darkstalker: They're charging you $80 for discs? Where do you live?

70 plus taxes. games were increased from 59 to 69 here in canada a couple months ago.

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#143 Posted by Demoskinos (17325 posts) -

@little_socrates: Yeah but with next gen the HDD space argument is irrelevant since you have to do a full install for every game.

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#144 Posted by Hunkulese (4009 posts) -

@darkstalker: They're still $70 if you're buying them digitally.

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#145 Edited by ShadowSwordmaster (1110 posts) -

I'm still buying discs for the PS4.

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#146 Posted by SneakyJB (51 posts) -

Recently bought Watch Dogs digitally and I was not impressed with the installation process. I have a pretty fast connection but Watch Dogs took forever to download. At one point I was getting about 1 mbps while my normal download speed is 50 mbps. Don't know if it is the servers being hit hard. How has everyone else's download speeds been if you bought digitally?

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#147 Edited by wallee321 (239 posts) -

So far I've been buying most stuff digitally, and would prefer to continue that trend, but future months like October have me worried. I not sure, but I believe Comcast's monthly cap is 300gb and a lot these next gen games stupidly huge (35-60 gb). I think a lot of the games are doing stupid things like including all the different language audio files, instead of letting you choose which you want, and they aren't compressing the audio files. It's frustrating because a lot of computer games that came out in 2010 - 2012 looked pretty nice, but their download files rarely crept above 20 gb.

A 300 gb internet per month cap seems absolutely ridiculous to me in 2014, when smartphones, tablets, and HD streaming services are so prevalent. For myself being alone that cap is kinda small, I can't imagine how it would be in house with say a family of four who all use the internet. Stupid, FCC needs secure net neutrality, and re-classify ISP as service telecommunications services / common carries.

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#148 Posted by OtakuGamer (1587 posts) -

If it was cheaper than retail and it didn't take up so much of my hard drive, I may be more inclined to go digital.

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#149 Posted by Mercuria1_King (21 posts) -

Disc, I am not a big fan of buying digital copies of games or anything for that matter.

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#150 Posted by xpogox (53 posts) -

Thought I was going to go disc only but now I'm feeling lazy and don't want to get up every time to change the disc out.

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