So Sony just sent me an extra PS4 controller and HDMI cable

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So here is what happened. The hard drive in my launch ps4 died so I hit up Sony to get it replaced. The normal process followed, they sent me a postage paid thing and I sent it off.

The next step however was the interesting part. Today I come home to find a giant postage box on my desk. I open it and see that my ps4 is back. However, once I opened it, I realised that this is a brand new box including an extra controller, HDMI cable, everything. Needless to say, I am more than happy to get a free extra controler.

Has anyone else had to send their PS4 back and got a similar situation? I suppose this will be the case until they build up a bit of a refurbished back catalogue to work with.

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Not recently. I once had to send in a PSone and got a bonus "Ps Underground" notebook.

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@troll93: I had to send mine in to get replaced. When I got it back, the PS4 was in a brand new box, but I didn't get the extra controller or HDMI cable.

You got lucky bro :-)

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Time to get out the hot wet towels.

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Did they give you the cable to charge the controller though?

You don't even get one of those when you buy a controller.

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Did they give you the cable to charge the controller though?

You don't even get one of those when you buy a controller.


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Did you buy the 2 year plan with accidental coverage? They may be why, but it was probably a lucky mistake.

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When my original 60GB PS3 suffered the yellow light of death, Sony sent me in return a 120GB PS3 slim with a new controller along side it. Weirdly generous, but I wasn't going to ask questions!

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@geraltitude: I was so pissed when I bought a second controller and there was no cable.

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@altairre said:

@geraltitude said:

Did they give you the cable to charge the controller though?

You don't even get one of those when you buy a controller.


They are standard micro-usb. If it charges a Samsung phone, it'll charge a DS4.

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This has nothing to do with ps4 or sony, but I bought a logitech g700 gaming mouse on ebay for like 60 bucks. It was used but the seller said they barely used it. Of course this means when it came, some of the buttons didn't work. I had a dialogue with the seller and eventually came to the conclusion that trying logitech support would be a much easier solution.

To make a long story short, it was. It really was. They didn't even make me send the old mouse back. They just sent me a brand new one. I sold the old one on ebay for like 35 bucks (of course making sure to say it wasn't completely functional, but not totally busted).

So yeah, Logitech support is pretty great. All of there products have like 3 year warranties on them and it really isn't a hassle to get support from them at all.

Also, apple has really terrible customer support. I had an iphone 4 for barely a year and my wall charger broke (the little square thing). They wouldn't even bother dealing with me because I was a few days over warranty, and it wasn't even the fucking phone. Never gonna deal with them again, that's for sure.


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