PSA: Pay attention to the console on the website.

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I went to go buy Dragon Age Inquisition through the website, but for some stupid reason they were only advertising the PS3 version in the marquee banner add on the PSN store. I looked up and thought "Oh hey! There it is!" and just bought it. Its WAY too easy to fuck that up. It was stuck in between a bunch of PS4 games (GTA5, FarCry4, Little Big Planet 3.)

Getting a refund was actually very easy, but it should be much more difficult to screw up what platform you're buying the game for.

EASY SOLUTION: On the website, instead of having MULTIPLE of the same game, just have one. When you put it into your shopping cart, it should ASK you "What platform would you like to purchase the game for?" and "What edition of the game on your selected platform would you like to buy?"

I suggested it to the chat agent and he said he would pass it up the line.

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Or you know, you could just click on the PS4 Games button and buy them there instead of the main page.

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I always click on the platform tab on the top of page to avoid issues like this. I don't even look at the front page and banners anymore.

That whole thing is pretty poorly designed.

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@rafaelfc: I know this now. I was away from my console and hoped to have it downloaded before I got home. Still waiting on my refund.

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That is pretty dangerous, should be better designed for sure

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