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Pocket Legends is the first game brought to the App Store by Spacetime Studios. While there have been other attempts at an MMORPG experience for the iDevices, Pocket Legends is the first synchronous MMORPG experience that takes place in a 3D game engine on the iDevices. The game was released with the launch of the iPad on April 3rd, 2010, while the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the game was released soon after on April 8th. The game has been available on the Android platform since November 2010. Pocket Legends can be also played through Chrome browser.


Pocket Legends takes place in a land called Alterra, where "forces of evil" are attacking the kingdom. The Elf Queen calls upon the help of the animal inhabitants to assist in defeating the intruders, which brings the premise for the gameplay. Due to the pick up and play mentality of the game, it is not as story driven as PC or console-based MMORPGs.


There are three races that make up the launch version of Pocket Legends: Warriors (Bears), Archers (Eagles), and Enchantresses (Elves). These relate to soldier, ranged, and magic classes respectively. The game allows you to name your character, as well as customize their appearance and stats with armor, clothing, and other items. Some of these items are picked up, and others can be bought using the games in-app purchasing system.


Pocket Legends is an instance based RPG, with a town hub for social interaction, and a game list to create or join quests in the various dungeons and maps the game offers. You can create a private game with a password to only invite friends, or join a random game with other players who are in the joined instance.

The game uses a virtual joystick for movement on the touch screen of the iDevices, as well as an attack button, 4 buttons for spells, and an on screen map overlay toggle. The game makes use of auto attack to automatically lock on and continue attacking enemies when the attack button is pressed in the vicinity of one. While attacking, spells can be activated, and the player will continue to attack after the spell is executed.

While the look of the game is similar to World of Warcraft, the gameplay has been likened to Diablo and other hack and slash RPG games, which consist of running along various paths, killing enemies as you travel until you reach a boss at the end. Some of the maps feature larger enemies, and even bosses. As you progress you will collect gold and loot to be used or spent in the game's store. As of writing, there is no current end to the game's storyline, and new maps have been planned to continually extend the game.

Freemium Gameplay

Pocket Legends uses a free-to-play, or " freemium" business model, in that the game is free to download and play, but expansions and extra items cost money. The game comes with the ability to reach level 12, as well as several dungeons and quests to complete. Other quests and maps can be purchased within the game for $.99-$1.99, as well as equipment, gold, and other items.


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