Pocket Mortys

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 13, 2016

    A mobile game based on the Rick and Morty animated TV show that parodies the Pokemon RPGs.

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    Pocket Mortys is a free to play mobile game based on the Adult Swim cartoon series Rick and Morty. The game shares many features with the Pokemon titles such as catching new party members and the turn based combat system. The player travels as Rick Sanchez through multiple dimensions to catch Mortys and is able to combine them to get different Mortys.


    At the moment the game features 82 different Mortys who fall in one of three typings: Rock, Scissor, Paper. Morty and Cronenberg Morty are an exception to this as they have no typing.

    2Scruffy MortyRock
    3Unkempt MortyRock
    4Hobo MortyRock
    5Old MortyPaper
    6Geriatric MortyPaper
    7Ancient MortyPaper
    8Rabbit MortyScissors
    9Evil Rabbit MortyScissors
    10No Eye MortyPaper
    11One Eye MortyPaper
    12Three Eye MortyPaper
    13Test X1 MortyPaper
    14Test X46 MortyPaper
    15Test X72 MortyPaper
    16Self Defense MortyRock
    17Karate MortyRock
    18No Mercy MortyRock
    19Mustache MortyScissors
    20Beard MortyScissors
    21Hipster MortyScissors
    22Ad Space MortyPaper
    23Jerry's Game MortyPaper
    24Pocket Mortys MortyPaper
    25Blue Shirt MortyPaper
    26Red Shirt MortyPaper
    27Orange Shirt MortyPaper
    28Green Shirt MortyPaper
    29Purple Shirt MortyPaper
    30Rainbow Shirt MortyPaper
    31Exo-Alpha MortyScissors
    32Exo-Omega MortyScissors
    33Exo-Prime MortyScissors
    34Spoon MortyRock
    35Fork MortyRock
    36Spork MortyRock
    37Peace MortyPaper
    38Hippie MortyPaper
    39Off The Grid MortyPaper
    40Big Head MortyRock
    41Giant Head MortyRock
    42Colossal Head MortyRock
    43Spooky MortyPaper
    44Ghostly MortyPaper
    45Phantom MortyPaper
    46Double MortyScissors
    47Triple MortyScissors
    48Multi MortyScissors
    49Greaser MortyRock
    50Biker MortyRock
    51Stray Cat MortyScissors
    52Two Cat MortyScissors
    53Crazy Cat MortyScissors
    54Buff MortyRock
    55Wrestler MortyRock
    56Veiny MortyScissors
    57No Skin MortyScissors
    58Skeleton MortyScissors
    59Magic MortyRock
    60Mystic MortyRock
    61Wizard MortyRock
    62Telepathic MortyScissors
    63Telekinetic MortyScissors
    64Psychokinetic MortyScissors
    65Swimmer MortyRock
    66Mermaid MortyRock
    67Reverse Mermaid MortyRock
    68Business MortyPaper
    69Gaseous MortyRock
    70Sausage MortyScissors
    71Shadow MortyScissors
    72Aqua MortyPaper
    73Cyclops MortyScissors
    74Mini MortyRock
    75Cowboy MortyPaper
    76Robot MortyScissors
    77Hammerhead MortyRock
    78Guard MortyScissors
    79Cronenberg Morty
    80Mascot MortyPaper
    81Egg MortyRock
    82The One True MortyRock



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