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ok lets do this

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Science is life!

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@jzga said:


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Giant BomKcast?

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Every Zelda has a shitty stealth section for some reason, don't know why.

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@anwar: Just murder everyone and you're golden.

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It's that young upstart Danny from that Patreon thing!

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Anyone else getting a weird warping sound periodically throughout the podcast? It's not skipping content but it's odd. It happened to me with the Beastcast last week as well.

I think it's the file because it keeps happening at the same time even if I scrub before it took place. I'm listening with Pocket Casts on a MotoG3.

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@kscorps: Okay it seems to be taking place on the site's podcast too. Has something been messing with the files or what?

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Boy, I really want to hear Brad's Love Hotel story now.

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I got a kick out of the airsoft talk. It's possible to get real AR15s for not much more than a fake airsoft gun would cost. I'm looking at online prices right now and some airsoft are over $500.00. I've built my own AR15 for less and in the time it takes me to listen to the show I could go to a nearby store and buy one in the $600.00 range if I wanted. Flying to Japan to get fake guns that would end up costing far more than real ones due to the travel costs is just insane and hilarious.

Also, regarding using realistic looking airsoft guns to pretend they're real is one of the stupidest things you could do and a good way to get shot by someone with a CCW or not, as is the case in twelve states where there are no restrictions or permitting required for concealed carry. Popping out of the bushes to scare somebody is a good way to get dead.

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@kscorps: I'm also getting this. Also got it during last weeks Beastcasts a lot more than this Bombcast episode. I'm using Pocket Cast to listen as well. It's weird.

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Same for me only through iTunes as well.

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If you didn't care about science, you'd have no right to Rank the Fighters. So this is all good news :)

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Science me up for this!

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Curious to hear more of Andromeda to see if it's as much of a wreck as early parts of the game make it look.

Also fun mega Japan trip tips. :)

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Hi guys!

Small correction: Poland uses Latin script not Cyrillic script.


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Looking forward to hearing what Jason has to say about Toukiden 2. Loving that game so far.

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Breaking Brad Swat 4.

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@kscorps Also been getting those skips. Hearing them here, during last weeks Beastcast, and during the most recent Film & 40s (which caused the audio to constantly go out of sync with the film). The skips happen in the same spot whether I stream it on my podcast app, stream it on the website, or download the file itself.

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I know that some of these Japanese games aren't going to do Zelda numbers as Jeff said, but he shouldn't sell them too short. Nioh is still doing very well for itself, over a million already. Nier is going to do several times the number of the original. When you look at what Japanese games were doing this time last gen, it is a fairly huge improvement.

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Hey doofuses that send the exact same e-mail question to the Bombcast and Beastcast (looking at you, "James" with the exact freaking right to repair question), just stop.

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@chrispy145: What's wrong with wanting to know what both offices think of a subject? It must be a good, relevant question if both offices are reading it? It's not like there isn't any overlap in news stories or game discussions (BOTW), so why is it a big deal if two podcasts discuss a question sent by someone?

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@kscorps: Yes I got that too, glad its not just me. I also got it on the Beast Cast from last Friday. Might be a technical thing worth highlighting to someone if it persists.

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While I agree on a lot of their issues with Mass Effect Andromeda , I find myself having a good time with it. Better than I had with 3. Reminds me of 1 in some nice ways.

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In regards to the "why do games ask us to hold buttons now to confirm stuff?" question, I'm going to guess that it's a way to get around having a separate "are you sure?" prompt for potentially destructive actions.

If I recall my game testing days correctly, Technical Requirement Checklists often require some kind of preventative measure to ensure the user doesn't destroy data. Making everything a button hold would be easier than flagging certain actions to have pop-up boxes and then having to check them all to make sure they work correctly.