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@The_Patriarch said:

Why bother discussing SR v Skyrim for an hour if Ryan is just gonna throw his arms up and go Skyrim for the hell of it? I really didn't like or understand the end to this. Seemed really out of left field for Ryan to suddenly back a game he has barely played, when the other contender was the number one game on his own personal list. And everybody else seemed to basically just go "Yeah okay, whatever". So Skyrim is GOTY becaaaaause... Ryan is tired? Very unsatisfying, not because of the result, but the really hasty conclusion to the discussions.

i agree, but it kinda would've happened eventually, because jeff and vinny never would've conceded to skyrim.

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It just makes no sense to have a discussion and one member say "fuck it, you can have it"..this is seriously becoming a trend on this podcast, especially when it's Brad raging like a fanboy and the others just getting tired (Minerva's anyone?). Not to mention EVERY argument he makes against Saints Row can be thrown back in his face about Skyrim. Ugh.

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What the 3 people said below me is absolutely right. Ryan just didn't care. Not only didn't he care, he didn't even like Skyrim enough to have it on his own personal top 10. Even Brad had Saints Row at #10.

Brad gets carried away so much that i can't wait for him to do the usual: Yeah that game wasn't that great after all. He was in love with L.A. Noire as if if was the second coming of gaming and brushed it aside really quickly not too long afterwards but not before giving it a 5 star review. He did the same with Uncharted 3. He does that all the time.

Everyone can change their mind sure, but Brad is in a very special category in that regard, one that should prevent him from doing reviews.

Anyway, anyone who listens to the whole podcast will be able to tell their real choice is Saints Row 3.

Jeff believes it, Ryan believes it. Vinny believes it and more importantly he is absolutely the biggest fantasy RPG fan of the bunch and didn't have it on his list at all and pretty obviously considers The Witcher 2 and Dark Souls better RPGs.

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Posted By Matterless

The second-worst thing about Portal 2 not making the top 3 is that there was zero discussion of it at all. And it certainly deserved better than that.

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Posted By JLF1

What a boring pick for GOTY. There was so many better games released this year.

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That was enjoyable but also man was it grueling. I am glad though that someone besides Brad was in the Skyrim corner so it didn't become him vs everyone else.

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The only time that I actively dislike Brad is during GOTY deliberations.

This year is no different.

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Too many concessions this year but I can understand them to a point. Dark Souls is basically number 11 or 12 because brad and Patrick would of fought for it with Vinny, but I bet Vinny gave in so him and Jeff could push Saints Row. So I'm fine with that.

If they had remembered Ghost Trick, it would of beaten Rayman.

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Shoemaker comes to FUCKING PLAY on GotY podcasts.

Kinda bummed that Vinny and maybe Patrick didn't put more effort into keeping Dark Souls on the lists.

Edit: I'm more bummed that InFamous 2 got NO play at all, probably the best PS3 game to come out this year.

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Saints Row: The Third is the best game of the year. Period. And Ryan being a turncoat is not surprising.

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Posted By freakin9

I don't know why, but there's something about Ryan backing Skyrim on perception that I found a bit offensive. Great podcast though. Jeff's personality will never not appeal to me.

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it's ok , Saint's Row the Third is #1 in my heart too, and not just because of the writing. It's like they looked at every mechanic an open-city game typically has to have, and every situation that tends to come up and is annoying and thought up ways to fix it or make it less annoying: did your car get rammed off the side of a cliff and end up in the water? press Y to warp to land, did your character get stuck under a car or otherwise stuck in the geometry? you'll automatically warp to out of that situation.

and then there is the writing, which walks such a fine balance between completely absurd and having the gags fall flat on their face. They were smart enough to not over use the autotuned pimp, they pull off the "touchy-feely hippie guy hosting the metal radio station" by having the guy sound just enough like he actually gets the music. Having Hulk Fucking Hogan be the voice of a wrestler and yet have the character of that wrestler be nothing like what Hulk Hogan's in ring persona is, instead of him talking about his "twenty-four inch pythons" he's talking about the deeper spiritual meaning behind a luchador's mask.

such a fantastic game.

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Posted By Animasta

honestly I knew that Brad would be unbearable, but Ryan was the worst part of that entire ending discussion. Brad, at least, deferred to Vinny (,Ryan and Jeff) about Witcher 2; Ryan said "oh yeah and Skyrim wins because Saints Row doesn't have enough content" without actually seeing any of that content. Like Jeff, I don't think all of that content is 100% awesome all the time like Brad does apparently, so seeing Skyrim win bummed me out.

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I feel like the combined power of Jeff, Vinny and Ryan would trump over Brad. I'm not faulting Brad for arguing for Skyrim because I expect that from him in these GOTY discussions. But Ryan.... Judas.

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Posted By steelknight2000

The Skyrim vs. Saints Row discussion was the fucking BATTLE OF THE BULGE. I'm glad my best game of 2011 came out on top though.

You should play Skyrim.

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Man, the Skyrim thing reminds me of the Minerva's Den vs Shadow Broker discussion last year. Sometimes Brad's filibustering is just excessive, and the other guys just get tired and let him win. Every complaint he made against SR3 could have been launched RIGHT back at Skyrim.

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Posted By Draxyle

Phew that was intense! I was sad that they buckled and let Skyrim win, but I haven't played either of the top two contenders so I can't judge whatsoever.

In the end, this discussion really highlights how (collective) top ten lists can only really be burned down into the most marketable game award. Not a fault of Giantbomb by any means, but just compare this list to every cast member's personal top ten; radically different overall. Neither Skyrim, nor Dead Space 2, nor Rayman Origins were even on a lot of their lists. It's kinda weird, but understandable to how it works. It's okay Dark Souls, you're still my personal #1.

Here's to next year! Might be a quiet year with this gen dragging on, but it might lead to some smaller games taking a giant leap forward to the top.

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Edited By victorferreira128

@Draxyle: Well, from the top of my head we have Bioshock Infinite, Max Payne 3, Kingdoms of Amalur, GTA V (I guess), The Last of Us (again, guess) and Mass Effect 3, which will probably cement Bioware's credibility (I judging by the leaked script, it could go either fucking way).

So, somewhat eventful.

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Posted By depecheload

Saints Row: The Third worked out of the box.

Skyrim did not. Shit, it still doesn't for a lot of people. A game as busted as that should immediately be disqualified from any GoTY talk. It doesn't even belong on the list. I'm not even going to finish the podcast if that's the endgame.

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While I feel Brad could have definitely argued his point  better, I kind of agree with his argument. As much as I loved playing Saints Row The Third, I agree that the world of Saints Row just doesn't feel alive like the world of Skyrim does. Also, I agree with Ryan that Saints Row just needed more meaningful stuff to do aside from the main story missions. If I want to go back and play Saints Row, it would only be because of the DLC, finishing up achievements, and maybe just to dick around for a few minutes here and there. With Skyrim though, despite having S-ranked the game twice, I still feel the urge to go back to that game and continue playing it. In that respect I feel that Skyrim and Dark Souls are similar: they are both games that I don't mind replaying over and over again, though for different reasons. Dark Souls because the combat is so satisfying, and Skyrim because the world and your character's persistence in that world is so fantastic. 
Anyway, great GOTY podcasts as always. I kind of miss the platform award categories but I understand why the guys chose the top ten route instead. And yes, it's unfortunate Dark Souls did not make the list, but considering that even Mortal Kombat was cut, I don't think Dark Souls really had much of a chance of making it. Also, Portal 2 was never really in contention for #1 spot and they had already spent plenty of time talking about it in earlier podcasts/awards so it's not a surprise they didn't talk much about it here. 
Let's all hope the 2012 will be another great year for gaming.

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Posted By deactivated-59a31562f0e29

Just finished up the podcast ... phew. Good talk, love to hear it. The only odd things - based purely on listening, not my own opinion - was how LA Noire got on the list when they seemed mostly down on it and more positive about other games. And everyone apart from Brad seemed like they wanted SR3 over Skyrim.

But whatever - the whole process is really fucking weird if you think about it.

Ungodly amount of quality content really - this dead week between Christmas and NY is always better for it. Barely glanced at anyone else's end-of-year stuff to be honest.

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Posted By r3t

Thanks for the awesome discussion, it was great to listen to. Sad to see so many commenters getting all worked up over this, but I guess that fits with the demographic. Anyway, thanks again and have a great new year guys!

ps. Brad rules!

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Posted By Ronald

I don't mind Skyrim winning, but every point Brad brought up made me want it to win less. First, he blatantly lies about not fighting ice guy in every dungeon. If you've played more than five hours of that game you've seen the same guy as the big boss in every dungeon. Then, Brad has played 30 hours total of the game, hasn't played the majority of the content, and seems more in love with what the game represents than what it actually is. He glosses over the fact that every character says the same thing, and then just whines about SR2 not being good at anything it does, which feels like he hasn't played it. i have never had an issue with getting blown up in a car over and over, or not being able to regenerate my health. Oh, he says he encountered a bug in the game that NO ONE else in the world has encountered and that means it's just as broken as Skyrim, forgetting to mention that he quit playing Skyrim because of how broken the game became. And has he picked it up since? It just feels more like he wants to force himself to enjoy it because he should and that a "serious game" has to be GotY.

And Ryan was only backing Skyrim because he knew Brad would never give up, because he doesn't care about that game at all, which is sad when it should be the group discussing, and not giving in to one person.

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Posted By DerekDanahy

I love having Alex on here. I wish he could be on the podcast all the time.

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Posted By roughneck117

@victorferreira128: Wait, whoa, what? Cement? Cement how? Dude, dude, comeon, tell me. TELL ME!!!!!!

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Posted By matoya

How can they slam MK so hard. yet give Skyrim a pass when it's unplayable on the PS3

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Posted By cthomer5000

The Ryan about-face was absolutely stunning to me. Like a steel chair over Jeff's head shocking. Did he do that simply to provoke a debate? If so, why not change his opinion towards the end and push SR3 over the top?

That being said my personal #1 is Skyrim so i have no problem with the eventual outcome, it was just surprising to see how it all played out. Other thoughts:

  • Surprised Patrick gave up on Skyward Sword so quickly yet fought tooth and nail for Rayman.
  • Dead Space 2 seemed to coast with no real firm support from others. Not sure how it ended so high.
  • Bastion is a tad high for me, there are plenty of criticisms to be made about that game, and it never got grilled like the others did. They gave it a very easy ride compared to how they tore down other games.

After lurking all year this podcast inspired me to register so i could comment. Love the site and love how seriously they take games.

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Posted By cthomer5000

@Grimmy616 said:

I feel like the combined power of Jeff, Vinny and Ryan would trump over Brad. I'm not faulting Brad for arguing for Skyrim because I expect that from him in these GOTY discussions. But Ryan.... Judas.

If people are going to sharpen their knives, it has to be for Ryan IMHO. You had two guys on each side with their stances firm (Brad/Patrick vs Vinny/Jeff). The vitriol should be for Ryan pussing out, not Brad backing his pick. Everyone else just backed their pick, so why single Brad out?

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Edited By freakin9

I don't have a dog in the Skyrim Saint's Row fight, as these are both games I'm waiting on a Steam sale on. I do think though Jeff and Vinny missed a golden opportunity to take Ryan to task, they should've been able to at least convince Ryan that there's no way a game he will only reluctantly play(based on time issues or whatever) would ever top his list, but they seemed too perplexed by Ryan to even get into it. I'm sure though Ryan would've put up walls of stubborn defense, but Ryan would've been an easy nut to crack. I mean I could defend any game I didn't play and win the argument if noone ever called me out on it.

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Posted By OneManX

@Matoya said:

How can they slam MK so hard. yet give Skyrim a pass when it's unplayable on the PS3

This x1000.

It felt like Brad was using MK online being bad as kinda an excuse to prevent Skyrim from getting knocked for being broken on PS3. It felt like MK got a bum deal when everyone had glowing opinions of that game's Single Player content.

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Posted By Phished0ne

@freakin9 said:

I don't know why, but there's something about Ryan backing Skyrim on perception that I found a bit offensive. Great podcast though. Jeff's personality will never not appeal to me.

yeah it is kinda weird that he openly admitted not playing it at all, but was able to be the person that made the decision on it winning. But with the crew split right down the middle someone had to have been the decider.

The problem with a overall 'goty' discussion is that taste is too much of a factor, i side with jeff that while the main story was good, Skyrim bored me. The story wasn't much more than generic fantasy fare imo, there were a few turns that were interesting but most of the game's main story was "DUDE! SWORDS AND MAGIC AND DRAGONS DUDE!!!".

That's why i kinda wish they would just do away with an over-all GOTY pick, although it makes pretty great content, a lot of it just gets laborious, especially when Brad starts filibustering. I mean you cant go "oh well skyrim's world is what you make of it, and the side quests and everything" but totally discount all the stuff that makes saints row awesome. Plus, its a bullshit argument, the sidequests in skyrim are just that. No matter how awesome the majority of them are, they will never be more than appendages to the main story. The fact is, if it wasnt for leveling and finding loot, i'd personally never touch a sidequest in Skyrim(HUR HUR IM PLAYING IT WRONGG). But i'd still do EVERY Professor Genki mission in SR3, because its fun and crazy where i find skyrim boring. In skyrim they make a game where it behooves you to do sidequests, and a portion of the audience will begrudgingly do them because they feel like if they dont they will be at a disadvantage, where as in Saints Row you play the sidequests if you want to because you find them fun. But thats what i am talking about, its all opinion and when it gets to picking the top 2, it really all comes down to taste, and sometimes it makes the last GOTY podcast a pain to listen to.

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Posted By Lukeweizer

4 hours? Not long enough.

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Posted By mezmero

Hearing you guys chose LA Noire over Mortal Kombat is completely insane to me. Look I played the same online that every body else played for those first several weeks and even though I had heard of the desyncing problems I very rarely experienced any. I even managed to dust fools as Quan Chi online most of the time. The fantastic story and fighting system are what make that game more fun on every conceivable level over LA Noire. I liked the story and performance capture immensely but I barely "played" that game at all. Other than that this seems like a pretty solid list you guys ended up with. Skyrim definitely made it to the top of my own list but I'm a little surprised you guys didn't just bite the bullet and make Saints Row the GOTY. It seems like it would've have made a better fit given the laid back nature of this site.

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Edited By IkariNoTekken

Seen most of the videos so the outcomes from these podcasts isn't a mystery to me, but looking at these comments has me worried.

I shouldn't get worked up about any of it; I know I shouldn't, but last year I had to pause the podcast and take off my headphones on so many occasions as some of the points being made 'for or against' certain games seemed ridiculous. Not sure I can cope with this as from the comments it sounds as though half of the arguments are as terrible.

EDIT: For the most part it wasn't even a matter of personal bias, just seeing opinions flip so easily from previous podcasts/reviews and having games go poorly judged without reason...ugh, game over.

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Posted By sammo21

What? Not 4 hours? Fuck this shit.

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@roughneck117: Well, you know, Bioware isn't really the hottest shit right now. Dragon Age II as most dissapointing game, EA using its name as a brand... Apparently the reception to TOR turned that around a little, but if people don't like the conclusion to their (probably) most beloved franchise and - I suppose to a lesser extent - fucks up the narrative branches they proposed to make back in the mid-00s, they're kinda screws.

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Posted By IkariNoTekken

@Renachan: Vinny fought a ton last year. It was Brad vs Vinny with Jeff and Ryan on the sidelines for most of it.

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Posted By IkariNoTekken

@EightBitShik: He spoils it?

Guess I got to play Catherine before I listen to this.

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Posted By DigitalRichard

Man, reading all these comments makes me hate the internet and all the self-importantance it spews.

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Edited By CptBedlam

I could get used to this daily dose of bombcast awesomeness! Thanks guys, love every minute!

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Posted By NekuCTR

GiantBomb GOTY: Brad gets what he wants or everyone looses their fucking minds.

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Posted By IkariNoTekken

@NekuCTR: Maybe this time but not last year.

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Posted By Bread_Harrity

The internet is a funny place where people whine about free content and reviewers that spoil the ending to video games! Ryan, Vinny and pretty much EVERYONE warned you at the very beginning of the podcast that there would be spoilers. Patrick didn't break a rule. You just weren't listening.

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Posted By Humanity

@steelknight2000 said:

The Skyrim vs. Saints Row discussion was the fucking BATTLE OF THE BULGE. I'm glad my best game of 2011 came out on top though.

You should play Skyrim.

Yah, but you should REALLY play Saints Row 3..

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Posted By NekuCTR

@IkariNoTekken: Save the god awful Manirva Den argument, yes.

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Posted By Dracomaster01

4 hour podcast..ummm ok, awesome!

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Ryan's Saints Row betrayal was the greatest plot twist of 2011. Probably the best Bombcast I've ever listened to. Skyrim and Saints Row are both incredible and I'm glad it came down to them. You should play Saints Row. And you should play Skyrim.

Great job, guys.

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Posted By Pop

I know these guys liked SR3 but man why are they so blinded by it, I can see the craziness but after 10 hours you're like done and Jeff is crazy for playing it 2 more times, maybe if I played saints row first then skyrim it would of been different but I was playing skyrim and sunk 30 hours then played saints row for 13 and felt like it was meh, the parts that are good are the parts you see not the parts you play.

I was thinking they were gonna fight each other at the end for reals, wonder if they hold a grudge, but probably not it's just fucking video games who the fuck cares at the end of the day it's just for fun.

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Edited By Plasma

I like Jeff and Vinny's arguments better, as I hate Brad's blind, biased and hypocritical arguments, but Skyrim is a better game.

Saints Row is a dumb game that's very gamey, but its a perfect game for the GB crew (no offense).

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Posted By Cashh

What an amazing show to end the year. Thank you !