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Oh yeahhhhhhhhh!

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Cena sucks.

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So happy this is a thing

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I was wondering when this was going to go up and it's here. I will listen to this right now.

EDIT: The picture they chose for this episode is the best picture.

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@alex I'm not too sure about the spacing in Power Bombcast. Why not Powerbombcast?

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This is fantastic!

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What powers the Power Bombcast? LSD?

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Sweet! Pretty much an all star cast right here!

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I am unreasonably excited for this, despite not caring about wrestling at all.

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I want there to be a Jumpin' Jeff Gerstmann.

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you boys wanna wrassle?

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hot damn

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I jsubscribed for this!

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This podcast is the culmination of everything I've ever wanted in podcasts.

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Anyone else listening to this using VLC? It's show the title as "Alex Navarro - My Song 6" which is kinda funny.

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Don't give a flying crap about wrestling, but HELL YES.

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Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome

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@simkas: HAH. That figures. I'll have to figure out where to edit that stuff before I post the next one.

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This should be good as background for my cardio. Do I have to flex while listening to this podcast, though?

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Don't give a flying crap about wrestling, but HELL YES.

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My username finally works. Also Yes x 3, buy PWG DVDs. Colt Cabana and G1Climax

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These premium podcasts are making my decision to resubscribe next month pretty easy.

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The title of the podcast is My Song 6 by Alex Navarro?

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Cena Sucks.

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God damn it I pay you people good money for access to excellent content. Good to see my money is being well used.

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I'm in the same boat as most of you guys, Alex. I watched religiously from the beginning of 2000 to about the start of 2005. Funny enough, I was one of those kids who knew it was "fake" for years, but got into it to relate and make more friends with the kids in my school. Little did I expect how I would learn to legitimately love it for the athleticism and the theatrics. I hit that point in 2005 where it just felt dull and I needed focus more on socializing and lady obtaining. I came back because of WWE '13 including Attitude Era and Raw 20th was around the corner. I didn't watch regularly again till about a month ago (the Raw before Money in the Bank), but kept reading up on what was going on. Awesome enough, I started really loving the product again, and even somehow got my girlfriend (who vehemently HATED wrestling and thought it was incredibly dumb) to enjoy it too.

TL;DR: I'm so glad you decided to get some dudes together and talk some 'rasslin at the same time my love for it has almost returned to my teen levels.

Unrelated note: #teamalex forever

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why is this titled "My Song 6" by Alex Navarro? I love it!

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It's basically dudes talking about dudes.

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Quick Shill:

Come check out Giant Bomb's Wrestling Thread for some wrestling talk... join us for live chat during Raw, and try to win the LOC Belt! :D

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Haven't listened yet but just want to give my approval for the picture used for this podcast.

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My Song 6 by Alex Navarro, took me a little to find it in my library. Excited!

Edit: Yup, basically all of this is over my head. Unsurprising, considering I've never watched a single match!

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I haven't followed wrasslin' since the days of DX, Stone Cold, and the Rock, but I'll give this a shot.

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Is it possible to subscribe to this on the iPhone Podcast app?

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I've been waiting for this to happen. Can't wait to listen to this later.

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Fuck, I am so glad I subscribed. You people are incredible.