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Podd is a relatively simple educational game created to help youngsters expand their vocabulary and improve spelling, released on the BBC Micro. It was designed by Don Walton for Acornsoft in 1984. The game could be played in two ways: Finding words that Podd could act out, and entering 2 to 5 words which Podd then performed in sequence. The game consisted of a single text field that the player must fill in to complete the sentence "Podd can..." Words entered usually take the form of verbs. Players then watch the resulting actions as Podd acts out the word entered in the form of a short animation.


The premise of the game was for players to find all the words that Podd knew as can be seen from the game box text:

Podd has a secret. When you find out, don't tell anyone. Podd can do lots of things that you can do but this adorable character can also perform many unusual actions. Podd actually knows 120 words but isn't going to tell you what they are. You have to find them. You'll probably have to think very hard about the action words that you use. You may want to ask your friends or even use a dictionary for some ideas. Podd will fascinate you, frustrate you, charm you, make you laugh and give hours of fun.

Make a friend. Play with Podd! Ages 5-11

While the game box states that Podd's vocabulary consists of 120 words in reality this was much smaller as many of the animations were duplicated, or different combinations of the same sprites with different sound effects.


  • Glide
  • Wink
  • Blink
  • Ascend (Rise)
  • Shake (Vibrate, Waver, Shiver, Quiver)
  • Frown (Grimace, Scowl)
  • Vanish (Disappear)
  • Smile (Grin, Smirk)
  • Sniffle (Sniff, Smell)
  • Yawn (Sleep)
  • Rest (Slumber, Snooze, Doze)
  • Cough (Sputter, Splutter)
  • Look (Peer, Stare, Regard, Observe)
  • Nod (Agree)
  • Breathe (Blow, Puff, Gasp, Pant)
  • Sneeze
  • Snore
  • Eat (Devour, Munch, Feed, Guzzle, Scrunch, Champ, Chomp, Chew)
  • Blush (Flush, Color)
  • Sink (Submerge, Descend)
  • Bounce (Rebound)
  • Whistle
  • Hum (Buzz, Drone)
  • Laugh (Guffaw, Chuckle, Chortle, Giggle)
  • Cry (Weep, Sob, Blubber)
  • Talk (Speak, Chatter, Mutter, Gossip)
  • Bawl
  • Hover (Flutter)
  • Jump
  • Fly (Flap)
  • Expand (Inflate, Swell, Grow, Enlarge, Bulge)
  • Burst (Explode, Pop)
  • Walk (Pace, Tread, March, Hike, Amble, Step, Stroll, Saunter)
  • Run (Dash, Sprint, Gallop, Race)
  • Leap (Bound, Spring)
  • Hop
  • Dance (Caper, Cavort, Boogie)

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