PETA, you crazy

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#1 Posted by samhead5 (52 posts) -

So PETA is now protecting virtual creatures.

It seems that the issue that they are bringing up is "Children learned about dominance rather than compassion. While Pokemon faced the worst abuses, children started bullying each other." Personally I feel that the Pokemon games and TV show do a good job of showing that training a Pokemon is more about loving and caring for them rather than treating them badly just to make them strong.

I wanted to know what other people think of this? Is their argument justified? Is Pokemon really teaching children a bad lesson? and what do PETA hope to gain from this?

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Already a thread for this friend. PETA is a fucking joke.

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#3 Posted by TheHumanDove (2520 posts) -

lawl PETA. I'm all for animal rights and stuff, but they're full retard.

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This is crazy, but when you really think about it Pokemon is pretty messed up.

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@laserbolts: Oh woops, had a quick look before I posted to make sure. couldnt find it. Link so I can have my say?

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why do they even care about pokemon!?!?!?!?

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Like someone pointed out, this is a duplicate thread. I can't flag you because of the karma system (I really should get to PM'ing the mods), but yeah, no sense in having two threads so recent with the very same topic.

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#8 Posted by JeanLuc (3882 posts) -

I find the Pikachu with the "I Support Team Plasma" sign to be very funny since you found out at the end of Black and White that Plasma actually wanted to control all the Pokemon for evil.

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#9 Posted by samhead5 (52 posts) -

@Snail: Thanks. Is there a way for me to remove a thread?

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@samhead5: Users cannot delete threads, only moderators and stuff can. Please, if you need a thread removed, talk to the mods. The original is here for those reading this.


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