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    The 20th entry in Konami's rhythm game franchise, released in Japan in December 2011.

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    Gameplay Changes

    Very few sizable changes have been made to the formula in FANTASIA; it's still very much the same. CHALLENGE and SUPER CHALLENGE modes are now combined in NORMAL mode, ENJOY mode has been renamed to EASY mode (more accurate to what that mode entails), ojamas are the last thing you set before the song starts, and NORMAL mode now has COOLS on (unlike EASY mode.)

    The only real new feature (outside of the songs and whatnot) in pop'n music FANTASIA is the highlight pop-kuns. After hitting them, the player earns a bonus for getting no misses. They don't provide any drastic change to the gameplay, but they add another means of racking up points.



    This list only contains music added to pop'n music FANTASIA that hasn't appeared in previous entries in the main pop'n music franchise or other Bemani franchises. Songs that are not listed here or in the Removed section carry over from pop'n music TUNE STREET.

    Take note that the online features of pop'n music FANTASIA allow for the addition of new songs, so this list may not always be complete.

    English and romanized names are used whenever possible.

    TV, Anime, and Other Licensed Music

    Genres for licensed songs in pop'n music FANTASIA are the same as the song titles. All licensed music added to pop'n music FANTASIA (with the exception of "MEMESHIKUTE") is covered for the game. Since the people who do the covers go unnamed, the artist listed below is the original artist.

    Song TitleArtistCharacterDifficulty LevelsOriginal TV/Anime Apperance
    CONNECTClariSNyami14 / 23 / 31Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
    God only knows DAISANMAKUOratorio The World God Only KnowsA.Michel15 / 26 / 34The World God Only Knows

    Golden Bomber

    ロミ夫16 / 26 / 33MEMESHIKUTE is a single by the artist previously mentioned.
    Everyday, KATYUSHAAKB48RIE-chan17 / 24 / 29Moshidora
    CORE PRIDEUVERworldMZD20 / 26 / 34Ao No Exorcist

    Original Music

    All songs listed below are new, original songs created for pop'n music FANTASIA. Hidden songs are marked with an asterisk (*).

    GenreSong TitleArtistCharacterDifficulty Levels
    PROGESSIVE REELTradriaYasunori MitsudaArk14 / 25 / 32
    BLACK FUSIONJiGSaW!Soyo OkaEdward15 / 28 / 34
    MUNE KYUN MARBLEBukiyou no KoishiteruHiroaki Sano feat. Megumi TatsumiLICA15 / 25 / 32
    EPIC TRANCEEPICSota FujimoriC-noid16 / 31 / 36
    ROUND POPZero GravityROUND TABLE & acane_madderReo★kun16 / 27 / 32
    URBAN ROCKlife goes onYotsuya TakahiroMr.KK17 / 25 / 29
    ULTRA 90'sNo! No! WayApachEBOUNTY17 / 29 / 37
    crimms TALESIkimono ShikkakuAsaki & crimmにんじん17 / 30 / 36
    MAGICAL HEROINELove Getter ~Purecle Lip~sei☆shin feat.MAIピュアクル♡リップ18 / 27 / 36
    FANTASYTECFutago no Ferret742DiNO19 / 33 / 38
    A.I. DARKNESSDOES NOT COMPUTEフレディ波多江とエレハモニカ feat. ALTAlt2.020 / 33 / 41
    FASCINATIONOboroHHH x MM x STmoimoi21 / 34 / 39
    ELECTRO SWINGBroadway DivaROMANTIC PRODUCTION feat. akinoSherry22 / 33 / 39
    SCIENCE POPKoi wa dou? Moro Hadou OK Houteishiki!!あべにゅうぷろじぇくと feat. 佐倉沙織 produced by ave;newルート@超ドー研22 / 30 / 40
    BUBBLY DISCO*Bubbly TimeFantastic Bubbly9LEON17 / 27 / 35
    SENTIMENTAL*MintyManami FujinoPoet17 / 27 / 33



    ROSEMARY19 / 34 / 39
    UPPER POP*How LowMAKINOmiho19 / 31 / 36
    CHURISU EURO*Majiyaba Saikyo DensetsuDJ Command feat. KouheiCHARA-O18 / 31 / 37
    POPPING WONDER*Fushigi HikouSATOE vs. Keiichi Uenopuririn17 / 28 / 34
    CHINA PROGRESSIVE*Hengen Jizaim@sumiSAN20 / 30 / 37

    Seishun no Tobira

    TAKA & Hideo SuwaFRESHMAN22 / 36 / 41

    Internet Unlocks

    The online features of pop'n music FANTASIA allow for songs to be added. So far, they've all been part of online ranking competitions organized by Konami held every two weeks, starting with the first week after FANTASIA's release.

    GenreSong TitleArtistCharacterDifficulty Levels
    STRIFEHayatePower of Nature雷蔵, Raizou19 / 34 / 40
    TRADITIONAL ROOTSKoujou MelancholyTomoaki Hirono feat. Mille FaceCastle18 / 30 / 37
    NORO-EMO?Misako no Nikki (michadame!)Des-Row + ミサコちゃんミサコ”ちゃん, Misako-chan21 / 35 / 41


    Along with new songs and those carried over from TUNE STREET, FANTASIA features a few songs from other Bemani games and console versions of previous pop'n music games.

    As with the list of original songs, asterisks (*) mark ones that are hidden.

    GenreSong TitleArtistCharacterDifficulty LevelsOriginal Appearance
    LOUD BEACHNAMINORI_www.Des-ROW with BMHushMAN17 / 33 / 38pop'n music portable 2
    KAGRUNGEIkitekoso ~ Tokubetsuban ~Asakiぐわんぜさま19 / 36 / 41pop'n music portable 2


    PAXAPARABO23 / 33 / 41pop'n music portable 2
    BEAT ROCK*LAZY GIRLYuichi TsuchiyaHugh16 / 29 / 36pop'n music 9 (Console)
    DIVA METAL*Gensou HanaKanako HoshinoLENA20 / 29 / 36GuitarFreaks XG & DrumMania XG

    Removed Songs

    Generally due to licensing issues, some songs from previous pop'n music games are removed for the next arcade release, while the rest carry over. That's the case with FANTASIA; all of the songs that have been removed are from pop'n music TUNE STREET's line-up of licensed music. For more specific information on the songs themselves, see the listings from TUNE STREET.

    Song TitleOriginal Appearance

    TV Eiga 'Yoshimune Hyoubanki Abarenbo Shogun' BGM

    Abarenbo Shogun

    Bara wa utsukushiku chiru

    The Rose of Versailles
    Moonlight DensetsuPretty Soldier Sailor Moon
    Tank!Cowboy Bebop

    Odoru Pompokolin

    Chibi Maruko-chan
    We are!One Piece
    Climax Jump pop'n formKamen Rider Den-O
    Kero! to MarchSgt. Frog
    SobakasuRurouni Kenshin / Samurai X
    Tsuki no WaltzMinna no Uta (Tsuki no Warutsu)
    Lovin' LifeOriginally by Funky Monkey Babys.
    ShuuchishinTentai Senshi Sun Red
    ButterflyUsed in commercials for Zexy, a Japanese magazine.
    Itoshisato Setsunasato Kokoro TsuyosatoStreet Fighter II (anime film)
    JAPSengoku Basara
    Lover SoulOtomen
    Samurai Sentai ShinkengerSamurai Sentai Shinkenger
    Hamanasu no HanaUsed in commercials for LISMO, a Japanese music service.

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